The best ways on how to get real human visitors to your website

Waiting for web traffic and users to find and join your website is bad marketing! You must grab them yourself and not rely on search engines.. after all when you first create your website you will be at the bottom of the search engine list… and creating links just for search engine bots will take ages and without instant rewards of visitors not to mention running the risk of all your efforts wasted by a stupid penguin update from Google knocking your website of the charts!

Instead you should focus on getting real people to see and hopefully promote your website! By getting initial traffic from places where real people see your link then you are doing the right kind of marketing! Plus if you just focus on building links to please Google you will be constantly chasing your rankings. By getting real visitors to instead promote your website you stand a better chance after all you will be able to see what works and doesn’t.. helping you to adapt your web content making it better so people do promote your site content helping you to better see what people want! So if you ever do get to number 1 on google or another search engine you will stand better chance of staying at number one and not getting a manual review knocking you back or deindexing your website either.

GETTING TO THE TOP ON SEARCH ENGINES more specifically using seo to get there.- free web traffic, biggest supplier of free web traffic on the web.

Social networks.. got friends? Good use them to advertise your website and because of how social networks pass things that are interesting and unique will spread like wild fire!

Forums- Forum mods are annoying rats who dont want links on their forums….. but if your lucky and what your posting is helpful and GREAT then you may sneak through.

Getting web traffic and when I say web traffic I mean of the human kind and not bots.. is simply a really hard task to pull off. Why? Because your website has to stand out.. give people what they didn’t know….and should, offer something unique and different. But this begs the question how are people going to find your website in the first place especially from a search engine.. if you are talking about something unique and or unheard of how are people going to search for it and find your website then?

Search engines- According to google’s guidelines seo is against them…. promoting your own website is a nono and if you are found building backlinks your website will be sent to the back of the search engines never to be found by anyone ever again (even if you website is the most relevant and best site in the results Google doesn’t care). You must earn backlinks….

Google’s advise to create unique quality content and people will find you and link back to you (unique being different than a rehash of something already available) is partially flawed in a sense that if something is unique then nobody would have heard of it before and therefore wouldn’t be searching for it…. So no backlinks in totally unique content then…This is why you need a source of initial traffic first to help people see and maybe even talk about your website first. Or you could always create a spin on a previous topic that may spark peoples interests and get you talking about it if someone just so happens to search for something about this topic and finds your website… gaining you a few backlinks.  But the best way is to get that initial web traffic and if your content is so good then hopefully it will get links and people talking about it. A way to do this is to “promote you website on forums” however many mods on forums are complete tools and will ban and delete your account for doing this as this is considered spam no matter how great your post is. If you do get away with this you may gain initial web traffic and people seeing this unique content! This may inspire and get people talking about your great content helping to spread the word and gin you free backlinks to your website! SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE ANOTHER GREAT FREE SOURCE OF THIS INITIAL WEB TRAFFIC. In my opinion far better than forums even though forums can get you targeted traffic based on what your talking about (niche).. on social networks you wont be censored and you and your website declared as spam in-front of other people interested in your topic.

The point is it is gaining this initial web traffic that is the most important thing! You may get lucky and get a bit from search engines…. but you will need to actively promote your website where people can see it to gain initial web traffic from REAL people.

Getting or increasing your website traffic is all about promotion and how good your website actually is and not about building backlinks otherwise you will just be continually trying to please a unreliable search engine system that’s just time consuming and not worth the effort or time.

Here is a good guide on how to promote your website on forums without getting banned.

Something to remember is that advertizing is a huge business and went on long before the internet and backlinks!

Why I hate football

I never personally get what football is all about? I think its rather pointless and boring watching people run around kicking a ball aimlessly…. I would much rather play football myself than watch people playing it and having fun.

Here are a few reasons why I and other people hate football

Over paid and undeserving football players.

Some of the footballers are paid hundreds of thousands every week in wages and sponsorships and for what? What do they really bring to society? What they do bring is the encouragement of drug taking and cheating… great role models for the youth of today. You used to be able to look up to a football player in the good old days… good sportsmanship and honorable on and off the pitch but this cannot be said for today’s footballer players.
I cannot deny that some footballer player do still help out charities and are good role models but for the vast majority of football players this isn’t the case sadly.

Game after game

Its a bit silly when you see on tv another advert of yet another football match hyping up who will win and be the best.. even though they just had a game a few weeks ago. Not only is it a bit pointless as nothing would have changed since they last played and it doesn’t really effect me who’s the better football team or not but the football associations are making millions per match out of the pointlessness too.


If football is all about being the best.. what if talent isn’t needed? We can all train.. gain strength, speed and endurance as the saying goes practice makes perfect So if this all you need many of these footballers aren’t naturally talented just have practiced a lot.. So some people may argue that enough practice can mean anyone could theoretically get good at football and because the aim of the game fundamentally is to kick a ball into a net then creative thinking which talent is built upon doesn’t come into play. I do agree that their is decision making in football which would bring in creativity to the table but watching many games of football and the attitude and brainlessness of these players off the pitch suggests that a lot of football players rely on just luck and their fitness really.

Don’t get me wrong playing football is loads of fun but just watching other play football for me is rather boring and annoying when i know that these players are making millions for having fun!

Google is a rubbish search engine

I have decided not to use Google anymore, quite frankly it is pointless and doesn’t help me surf the web at all. Today I was searching for a product so I decided to “Google it” and all the results i got back were rubbish… I got just a bunch of amazon and ebay results….. 14 in total! Now if i wanted to buy this product on ebay or amazon I would have searched on amazon or eBay. Google maybe the richest and biggest monopoly on the internet but like all monopolies greed is destroying quality of service.

SEO updates in favor of the big guys

Google is apparently trying to constantly create better user experience and develop new algorithms to make the search results more relevant and better helping you to find what you are looking for straight away. However the opposite is happening thanks to the morons who work at Google.
Google is actively working to destroy all small websites knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe Google is doing this because it feels small websites and businesses do not offer value to their searchers…meaning big brands are being favored in the search engine who Google trusts and can profit from.

Google is either to stubborn to see that just filling the search results with the same big websites constantly destroys the whole point of searching the web or another reason why Google is full of the same big websites is that Google cannot detect a good website from a rubbish one so instead of trying to create innovative ways to help find new and good websites to display in the search results google opts for the cheap option of just showing big brands which “will do for now”.

I am inclined to say that Google is doing a bit of both….. actively destroying small businesses forcing them to join adsense and pay for their positions in the search results and because Google is to dumb to think of (or doesn’t considering they are making huge profit anyway) new ways to find quality websites to rank in the serps means that they are just going for the easy option.

Google makes loads of excuses why websites dont rank… blaming Spam link profiles of websites but surely it is what is on the website page that counts not what links to it… This is evidence that suggests Google’s just cant properly analysis quality of websites and webpages effectively.

Google isn’t about privacy… and their are plenty of alternative search engines to use instead.
Google doesn’t care for privacy and even thinks they are above the uk privcay laws here in the uk. So why use them? I have already explained how they are stamping on small businesses and how there search results are just useless. You have a wide range of alternative search engines that will take privacy seriously and are not so arrogant either…. I know I wont be using Google anymore.

Are you allowed to remove footerlinks on free theme templates?


There really is a lot of confusion and threats roaming around in the internet space… Are you allowed to delete footer links from free themes/templates? The simple answer is YES you can… should you well that’s upto you and if you want to help the designer with Search engine optimization or not which would be against search engine guidelines and could find your website penalized.

It is always good to give reasonable credit when credits due but more often that not free themes will be littered with footer links. This can be bad for your own websites SEO as your website will be involved in a type of link network helping to improve the web designers rankings in Google and other search engines. Search engines have become wise to this and can detect when someone is trying to game the search engines and by leaving these footer link which are often irrelevant to your website content can be bad and effect your own rankings in Google.

People do put a lot of hard work into creating themes for free! And if you are using a really good theme my advise to would be to keep the footer links as a way of thanking the web designer this will hopefully motivate them to create even more great themes.

Website themes

Wether you are using WordPress theme, Joomla theme or use a free static html web design you are not obliged to leave the designer links on your website.. doing so WILL have negative impacts on your site traffic as search engines will negatively view your websites as being involved in web network trying to game the search engine system. It is your website. You are the one paying for hosting and you should be in full control of what is and isn’t on your website. As long as you are not using any copyrighted images your website will be fine and nobody can file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (of DMCA) take down request at your website… If the template you are using does use copyrighted images then leaving the footer links will do nothing to protect your website from a DMCA. Images that come with the theme template and that have not been ripped from else where and have been freely distributed on the internet for use with the theme can still be used even if you have removed the footer links. By sharing a theme/template for free use on the internet means that you are able to edit and change the theme/templates however you want and can even delete link credits.

Blogger free themes

Blogger (.blogspot) is hosted on Google….. but that doesn’t mean you have to keep the footer links!

There are hundreds of free simple and complicated blogger theme templates floating around but there would be far fewer if the designers couldn’t leave their links in the footer… the links in the template is what motivates them to create and distribute these templates so that they can collect hundreds or even maybe thousands of links pointing to their website… It is quite easy to find and delete these blogger theme designer links.. by searching for the link in the template file and deleting the html code… but some people are tricked into not deleting the links because the theme designer will put in a template comment next to the html link code saying something like this:

<!–Under the creative commons license your are not allowed to remove these links… Remove these links and we will file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (of DMCA) take down request to remove your blog. –>

Complete rubbish! Under the creative commons license you are allowed to edit and modify anything and everything on the template freely and thus are allowed to edit and delete the footer links.. Even if there was a bit in the creative commons license (which their aint) that says you need to leave credit this does not have to be a link and you could simply delete the link and leave static text saying the design of this template was created by… somewhere on your blog or website.

Drone attacks… Good or bad?

Drone attacks… Good or bad? Drone attacks a tactical and calculated weapon to kill terrorist swiftly and break the risk of gun battle on the ground. Drone strikes are meant to be reserved for high risk terrorists where there are no other options. But why are there so many of these drone attacks happening if these drones are only meant for terrorists leaders planning attacks in America? Or are the drones now a weapon for any minor threat?

Killing and violence is morally wrong So are the drones just an example of how diplomacy has gone out the window and the only right solution is the American governments solution? Or are the American government powerless? After all the Taliban are funded and supported by Saudi Arabia. As having the Taliban control Afghanistan would help them go to war with Iran. Saudi Arabia is one of the most oil rich countries in the world that supplies, America is held to ransom as America cannot go to war with their biggest oil suppliers as it would have huge economic consequences and would drive oil prices through the roof.
Drone strikes are not 100% accurate and will cause collateral damage and kill innocent people after all just because there are terrorists in a particular country doesn’t mean everyone in the country is a terrorist they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It should be the duty of the American government and policy makers to avoid any loss of life on either side… working towards a peaceful solution that helps restore peace and unity to the Pole of the country. Drone’s only bring fear and terror to the people living their day to day lives in the country already plagued by violence. The collateral damage drone’s cause creates resentment and anger towards the Americans… by destroying peoples homes and lives is more likely to turn them to the other side against America rather than for America.

The drones will never win the war only diplomacy and creating trust in the Afghanistan people will creating a stable country will mean the Taliban will have a lot harder job controlling a much stronger country. The Taliban are evil and do not represent the people of Afghanistan at all the Taliban have been created, trained and funded by other foreign countries including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with a abundance of brainwashed recruits joining the Taliban means that the drones wont succeed in destroying the Taliban but only halt them. The drones help to prevent the Taliban from entering Afghanistan but in doing so the collateral damage creates friction and anger towards America. The American government should focus on eliminating the funding and support to the Taliban coming from the other foreign countries.

Best running tips and tricks

Here are my top way to run…. I’m newbie still so these things may be totally wrong but are working for me at the moment.

Breathing is really important for runners.. breathing will give your muscles more oxygen and reduce the build up of lactic acid. You can train other parts of your body like your heart or legs to help you run faster so why cant you train your lungs to take in more oxygen as well to help you run faster and not be as out of breathe? Well you can after all the diaphragm is a muscle that helps you breathe. Singers know this and they are constantly doing breathing exercises and stretches to help them to improve their breathing which helps with their singing range and capabilities.

When your body is starved of oxygen this causes the build up of lactic acid as your body tries to create energy in your cells without the help of oxygen lactic acid is produced as a by product. Starving your body of oxygen whilst exercising can cause you to fatigue much quicker than you should. By strengthening the diaphragm by means of stretching you can increase the efficiency of the diaphragm making it easier for the diaphragm to fill your lungs with oxygen as you run.

Running stance or form is very important! Make sure that when you run you run tall! Good posture, no slouching or hunching forward will reduce the stress on your body reducing fatigue and enables you to breath better! Yoga and Pilates can improve your posture (can also help you to get taller to which is a bonus). Good form also constitutes the right arm movements and footing position. Make sure that when you run that your arms don’t cross over and swing side to side instead keep them moving forward and backwards only. When you foot hits the ground also make sure you keep it just under your hips and not too far back or too far forward.


Could talking like a yorkshireman or using slang get your site penlized by google?

Google is constantly monitoring what goes on their search engine and they dont just use bots to do it… but people too. Manual reviewers have to sit there looking at thousands of websites determining what is spam and what isnt. What they judge as spam or not can be down to grammar.. whether it makes sense or not…. as a lot of times spammers will use spin-tax to create loads of copies of one article but often the spin-tax will create unreadable gibberish.

The manual reviewers according to the Google page about spam says that the manual reviewers come from lots of different countries… so im guessing some manual reviewers wont have English as there first language meaning there can be some misunderstandings some times. So what if you speak in slang? or speak colloquially like a Yorkshire-man  for instances? Here in England there can be big differences between words and phrases used which can create confusion between say people in London and people up north.
And what about slang and abbreviations?

Could all of this be considered as spam if the manual reviewer is not familiar with the slang terms or colloquial language?

Language is always adapting and changing.. language can even develop from misunderstandings and mistakes but according to Googles rule book bad grammar is spam.

Google is apparently above the law so google says

Typical Google as always acting as thought just because they are the biggest internet giant around that they are above everyone else and even above the law. Google has recently claimed that because Google is a American business that they cannot be sued by Uk courts. This claim has risen from a recent civil court case here in the UK about alleged iPhone tracking which monitors and tracks users internet usage violating privacy of up to 10 million users. Google faces a lot of civil court cases from individual iphone users who’s privacy might have been invaded by Google 10 people have so far grouped together and began legal proceedings against Google….. However Google has stated that because google is a American company and is based in America Google so this means Google is not subject to UK privacy laws and can be only sued in an American court under American law only.

Google isn’t doing itself any favors by upsetting the UK public even more… Recently it came out that Google was giving the American government private information regarding searchers which also brings into question wether IF those who would like to make a claim against Google went to America to sue Google would they have a fair trial or not? Considering Google are quite friendly with the government it seems.. and it is obvious that google see’s a better outcome by being sued in America rather than the uk too.

Google avoids paying cooperation tax in the UK on the grounds that they do not seal the deal here in the UK but in Ireland where cooperation tax is much lower despite the fact that much of the setting up of the deals are done in the UK and much of the UK’s resources are used to help Google make these deals in the first place. Everybody has to pay their fair share of tax… Many people in the UK work hard all their lives just to get by and will see google exploiting the system as they can with their vast wealth and resources enabling Google to find and use these exploits in the law to try and avoid paying tax.

Google is turning into the number one enemy of the internet by squeezing and trampling on small businesses here in the uk (even for those who try to make their website rank higher on google by doing seo Google makes mocking videos and tweets by the Google spam team telling them to stop or else) by making it impossible to rank your business on Google. For example Google looks for natural backlink’s from other websites to rank your site higher in the search results. However how on earth are websites meant to get back links in the first place if your website is nowhere to be seen to begin with? Meaning that the only websites to rank on google and to be seen are big brand websites that already have a established reputation…

Google’s arrogance towards others will be its downfall.
The UK government has a duty to protect the interests of its citizens and not let a cooperation from another country ignore our rules which we as citizens must abide by. The uk government should not be bullied by Google and should stick up for its people who’s privacy has been violated. The UK public are not stupid either, if Google continue to go down the path of deeming itself above everyone else here in the UK it will soon loose popularity very quickly here in the UK.

Economics is not a science! So speculative investment is wrong!

There is no real science behind economics, only the study of human behavior that drives economics. This means fundamentally analysis can mean nothing if “something” happens either to spook the crowd into a different economic path or even changing morality of a population can also change economics these factors cannot be calculated therefore making economics a unpredictable phenomenon. It is possible to calculate or make predictions on environmental factors that may alter the course of economics but sometimes even environmental factors can be unpredictable like for instance environmental disasters that come out of nowhere rocking economics stability and none knows how the people will react to the disaster either…

Culture is constantly changing (some say progressing but that totally depends on who is saying so…) influenced by situation, religion  and it is culture that is something that influences human behavior. So does this actually make it impossible for economics to be a science? I say this because the results of scientific experiments must be the same each time you do the experiment but with unpredictability of culture and human behavior surely the results will not be the same each time.

You can make rational decisions as to what will be the consequences and how people would react to decisions you make but with so many conflicts of a opinions and the fact that a economic decision will negatively effect at least something then there will be always be conflict and differences of opinions? Sometimes the negative effects of a economic decision wont be seen for years to come and only then will people think the decision was a bad one.. often some people will think the decision is morally wrong whereas other will thinks its morally right depending on their religious and cultural background. Can you really make a accurate calculation to peoples reactions?

So if this is the case that economics cannot be calculated why do we let other use economics as though it can. In the past you could only buy what you could afford… but in today’s economic world where lending and speculative investments has meant people can now make trades in the future right now. This means that people can simply make trades of resources that they dont simply have but because these non existent assets have value on the computer then all is well. Even though in the future the accessibility of these resources could be restricted or even non existent in the future. Speculative investments are simply immoral and based on gambling but the bankers will always win because as far as they are concerned the trade they made months or years ago in no longer their problem… and it is up to the workers to to deliver their promise thus squeezing the suppliers to deliver based on their greed to make a investment to gain profit straight away in the past regardless of the consequences or impact on others in the future.

Surely confidence in the false promises will die? or will this madness continue and the greed of the bankers will ever increase, squeezing the rest of us even further whilst they live in future.

Capatlism is a trap

Capitalism is all about the now… profits and short term gain with no thought of sustainability and for the next generation…. Need more workers import more foreign workers… dont bother training young people…

Capitalism is a illusion and a trap set up by the upper class to secure their wealth and power by  getting as much money as possible. Why capitalism is a trap is simple, it creates the lie that one can become rich from hard work (but more and more we are seeing from the rich that this is untrue) whilst promoting greed which normal people cannot escape. Capitalism creates a greedy world and it becomes impossible to break free from the ties of capitalism because even if you choose to live unselfishly and help others it will become impossible for you to survive as the rest of society is run selfishly making it near impossible for regular people to survive and share their wealth because nowadays because of of capitalism squeezing the lower and middle classes means that to survive one simply cannot spare money to help others.. it is a sad truth.

Capitalism is fundamentally all about luck, gambling and greed. You are lucky if you are born in the upper class, you are lucky if you can get the best job, capitalism isn’t about working hard its about trading what you haven’t got, squeezing as much money and profits as you can without thought about the others on the other side. As we can see with the banks today its about gambling with other peoples livelihoods and money.. if the gamble pays off great more money for the banks if it doesn’t work out who cares its only other peoples money and the government will simply bail out the bank anyway.

The upper class parasites at the top shouldn’t be rich… they dont do all the hard work.. they simply print money and work in numbers gambling with the rest of society’s money…. whilst the majority of people work hard but dont own anything anymore because the rich have created a world of borrowing…. ANOTHER illusion of capitalism is get something now paying later but this comes at a cost of you not actually owning any assets yourself and having to pay off debts for the rest of your life to the banks who own you… what created this was inflated prices created by the banks… you see its okay for the banks to be capitalists but not the rest of society.