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Negative Seo is quite simple. It involves pushing your competitors off the search engine by blasting their website with tons of spammy links making the search engine penalize their website. Google is the biggest search engine and is the one most people search with (at the moment), however google thanks to penguin updates and harsh ranking factors that primarily look at links pointing to the site makes negative seo in google far far easier... (And as more updates are being released it is becoming much much easier to nuke other peoples websites on google and take the victims place... that if your competitors dont do the same to your site as well).
Negative seo is being used more and more by business owners to help level the playing failed on the search engines. Negative seo is usually reserved for small time websites which with a little bit of effort will be easy push of the serps. However more and more webmasters are using negative seo tactics in order to push bigger brand websites off the serps all together... and these guys are succeeding.
So even big brands are not fully protected against the effects of negative seo... people just think they are because of the powerful authority link juice that is connected to the domain means that negative seo takes much much more when dealing with high authority domains and well known brand with lots of links. The vast amount of links amazon and ebay have means that their is a lot of authority and link juice flow into all of the pages on these powerful websites.. The trick of getting these webpages (ie amazon or ebay product pages) penalized and outranking them is to make the search engine not trust these pages from these big websites... Many big websites will have webpages that will rank number 1 even if the page is rubbish and doesn't have any links pointing to it and just mentions the keywords that just goes to show how much trust and link juice the search engines put on these powerful websites... 

Take for example amazon.

Amzons has a huge amount of links pointing to its domain.. These links pass link juice helping boost the authority of the domain this authority is passed along to each page.. but only some of the authority is passed until eventually all the link juice is gone.

The key to negative seo is to displace the amount of link juice the page has with spammy bad link juice. With big websites with a lot of link juice and authority this will take a lot of work... More inner pages with less link juice will be far easier to get penalized in the serps than pages more closer to the index page that will have more link juice... this is because you will need a lot more bad spammy links to displace the ratio between good and bad links.

Negative seo is quite easy to achieve you just have to do black hat techniques and because their are plenty of tools out on the market that will automatically create spammy links on websites all you have to do is sit back and watch your competitors websites tank in the search engines.

I am not condoning negative seo I just think that it is important for people to know what is going on. It is a big problem that is getting worse and worse. Small businesses are getting destroyed in the search engines for creating links they never created..... people's livilhoods are being ruined and now the only websites to survive are the big huge brands that have a huge sheild of links that help protect them for the time being against negative seo, but as I pointed out negative seo is achievable against the bigger brands and websites.. it is just a matter of pointing enough spam links to them over a long period of time.
Small websites are far easier to get penalized in the search engines than bigger ones because they simply dont not have the protection bigger website do with lots of links.. so just a few bad spammy links can cause a penalty.


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Everything is really getting crazy in the seo world. Negative seo is a problem that the search engine are not helping to solve. One of my website has been getting random spam links from guestbook and blog comment spam.. whereby the perpetrator looks as though they randomly scraped a bunch of random urls to create links to and started linking to the random urls (including mine) with randomly generated anchor text. But of course I am the one in the search engines eyes that have been creating the obvious spam links because I obviously want my website to be penalized...