How to think outside the box

The ironic cliche of thinking outside the box.. something that puzzles and confuses the best of us when trying to think of new ideas.. but the simple trick is not to try thinking outside the box at all.

Thinking outside the box isn’t something you can just do on demand and it shouldn’t be.

Whether you are thinking of new concepts in art, a new way to express creativity that has never been done before or a business idea that will shake up the world for example the next big website maybe for example the new internet.

Whether you are creative or business minded we all need great ideas to succeed but great ideas dont just come out of thin air.

…you need inspiration to help motivate helping you to think outside the box. Some also say that development of ideas can eventually lead to a idea outside the box as you build upon a basic concept, that being said some people can try their entire lives trying to think and develop a idea and never succeed but that also being said trying to hard to think of a good idea can blur the perspective of the idea, motivated only by thinking of the idea and not the idea itself creates a stagnant idea that is superficial and with no real aim.

It is not a easy thinking outside the box and thinking of new ideas but it is where true intelligence lies. Everyone has the capability of thinking outside the box and beyond the normal perspective but it is whether your are inspired enough which will determine if you can and fuel your creative ideas to just pop into your head… a creative idea doesn’t have to take years to develop, development should always come after you have came up with the idea and you are figuring out how to refine it and communicate the idea to others because obviously other will not understand it at first because after all it is a unique idea. A creative idea outside the box instead should be a epiphany brought on by inspiration, motivation, experiences or all three. These ideas will usually be far greater and powerful than over developed and over analyzed ideas which are forced and calculated, over analyzing ideas can trick you into thinking the idea is the greatest idea in the world when they may not be at all.

Anyone can make calculations and force ideas and development, but the fact is you mayn’t really be thinking outside of the box you could be just building on a unoriginal initial ideas and concepts, yes mankind does build and develop on past inventions and ideas to develop new technology, medicine and even art, but where true innovation comes from is from totally new initial concepts and ideas which are not developed from the past. This cannot be achieved by forcing yourself to think of ideas as you will always have a tendency to use past ideas to build on. The brain is a complex device you mayn’t think you are using a unoriginal initial idea to create your own idea from  but your brain will use what it knows to create these forced ideas from so that is why forcing ideas is bad because your brain will dwell on ideas and concepts it knows already. That is why creating your own past experiences and knowledge of life is important as it will allow you to create your own unique perspective on life with will help your brain come up with ideas not based on others views and past ideas but your own unique ones instead.

Have fun in life and dont focus on the superficial and ideas will be plenty. That is the real trick..

Peoples ignorance and loyalty towards big company’s and brands makes it harder for all of us

Do you run a small business? Do you shop at major retailers too? You maybe shooting yourself in the foot there…

Capitalism isn’t bad but it has just not been designed with the fact in mind that (some) people are greedy meaning being comfortable and happy is not enough, control of everything is… in the end the rich will get fewer and richer and the poor will just inevitably serve the rich.

There really are many famous theory’s from economists past and present who say how captlism results in the increasing concentration of wealth being around the rich, as one company dominates pushing out other company’s this results in fewer and fewer company’s and rich people too. Once a company monopolizes one industry it will move onto the next to further increase their profits and control.

Monopoly’s work well when they offer the cheapest products or services however a problem with this is that quality does suffer… So instead of going to a big company next time you want to buy something you can always try and see if you can get the same product or service from a local business which may cost a bit more but will be better quality and not contribute to making the rich richer which in the long term could impact you even if it doesn’t seem so obvious yet…

It isn’t just in retail that people are fooled by brands and big company’s…

I recently posted on some politics forums to get some reactions/comments and what not from some non business, politically minded people about the small business not being able to survive as they are being strangled by big businesses online and offline…..and they are so dumb!

I couldn’t believe the liberal, and downright stupid responses I got! It is evident that from the responses I received such as how people on these forums people believe that there really isn’t a problem and its totally fine… shows peoples ignorance to what these big company’s are actually doing.

When I asked about what people thought about Goggle’s grasp on online retail and if Google is destroying small businesses online I got responses like… “you cant blame Google, Google is only protecting their own interests…” or “Google is a free service and should be able to do what it likes…”. It is remarkable how blind some people are, just because Google is a free service doesn’t mean anything… Google gets 96% of its profits from advertisement in fact Google will do anything to keep its control on its monopoly on the advertisement industry by controlling other things… such as trying to manufacture and sell the cheapest tablets possible to try and control the mobile and tablet industry… their aim isn’t to make profits on these products but to carry on being in control of the mobile search and advertisement market.

The bowing down attitude of the people on these political forums I posted on goes to show that the general public have no idea just how much monopoly’s impact on their lives (even people apparently hanging around in political forums)… This also goes to show that there really is a long way to go till change and these big company have nothing to fear from the public rebelling and not buying or using their services.

The advise i got from these forums as well, even though i did not actually ask for advise was to carry on SEO (SEO used to help webmasters rank higher however google is against SEO) because its easy…and i must just be doing it wrong.. and join ebay.. But actually the best advise would be to not be dependent on these big company to get customers!< Not a easy or inexpensive task considering peoples ignorance and loyalty towards big company’s and brands…

A sad truth is that people are narrow minded and cannot see because it is far more convenient not too, see what is really going on and I just contributes more to the rising gap between rich and poor.





How to get that job by being taller with heel lifts

We live in a superficial world sadly enough, where appearances, is more important than skill or knowledge. Jobs are few and opportunity are fewer. That’s why if you do get a job interview you want to make sure you stand the best chance of getting the job.

First impressions are crucial in job interviews, physiological studies have proven that how tall you are determines others opinion of you ie: whether they can trust you are not, and height makes you seem more dominant and have more authority… This all means that height could be the determining factor on whether or not you get the job or not.

Height contributes to confidence levels which also is a proven factor that helps you in a job interview, being taller gives you the confidence and authority that can give you the much needed edge in the competitive economic climate we sit in today where everybody is out for themselves… gone are the days where employers will employ just anyone employers have high expectations even for rubbish jobs…. Employers will look in a job interview regardless if you really need these qualities or not in the job:

  • Confidence
  • Personality
  • common sense
  • Leadership
  • commitment/dedication

As you can see employers ask for a lot…

To be honest its complete garbage that you will be totally committed and dedicated to a rubbish menial job you just saw was hiring in a local newspaper.. it wont be your dream job right? Nor do all jobs require leadership… but because employers want the best of the best to work for them then you must pretend. so how can you be the best or at-least appear to be the best for the job?

Being taller will give you the edge.

So how can you look taller and appear as though you have more confidence for the best first impression? Well something you could try would be wearing heel lifts (height increase insoles) appear of these lifts will help increase your height by a good 3 inches depending on how tall you stack the heels. With the extra height you gain from them you can at least walk into the interview with your head held high and with a boost in confidence the interviewers will see you with more authority and think that you can be trusted because you are taller than the rest of the candidates and because you will have more confidence in yourself you will further impress.

More information on how to get taller

Further notes on heel lifts:

Where originally meant for those suffering with leg length discrepancy’s but have now been adapted for height increase because of their earlier use heel lifts had to be comfortable with orthotics to achieve this. Offer constant level of height. Adjustable in height helping you be in complete control of how tall you want the heel lifts to make you. Ideal for use all day with no discomfort. Heel lifts fit in all kinds of shoes. Hidden inside your pair of shoes… out of sight so everyone just assumes you are that tall.




Free speech forum

The BerkeleyBubble forum is a free speech forum unlike so many others…

The reasons why moderators will ban people as soon as they “drop” a link (whether you meant to for commercial gain or not) is because they are so uptight on protecting there forums link juice they don’t want to share any of this power there forum may have gained through there own backlinks…hypercritical really.

Also  form moderators will limit freedom of speech based on whether what you say if it sounds they subjectively think is advertorial as they have a unrealistic expectation that the only websites the users of the forum can only be that forum.

Quite dumb really on their part but on a serious note its best not to join or go on any forums that sound to commercial or as though they limit your freedom of speech as they are a waste of time and the people who go on that forum are not worth talking too as they are so simply controlled by the forum rules that the forum moderator gives them to abide by are there views really that worth listening to? All websites have a commercial agenda… secretly the website/forum will be either promoting a product itself or another website.. either with backlinks hidden somewhere powering that other website in the search engine or even simply adwords giving the forum admins and moderators cash on your hard work.

Don’t let your freedom of speech be compromised join a real forum the BerkleyBubble forum..!

Don’t be censored by a bunch of nerdy forum moderators, who if they dont like what you have to say will ban you…

The BerkleyBubble forums is the place to share your views on a wide range of topics freely  .

Height increasing insoles will help you get taller

how-to-get-taller-height-insolesYa know what?! I am sick of being small…… just plain sick of it. A couple months ago I thought about it long and hard and came to the conclusion I must actually do something about it!! But that when I got stuck. I went on google and typed in the obvious “how to grow taller” eeek take human growth hormones it said. But thats just dumb and potentially lethal. not to mention your bones fuse together anyway so not matter how much human growth hormone you gonna take your not gonna get taller….. other wise Arnold schwnigger (yeah I carnt spell his name okay!) would be the tallest guy in the world. After further searching around for more and more obscure things I finally came across height increasing insoles.. YAY SOMETHING SENSIBLE FOR A CHANGE.

Believe it or not you can increase your height, a pair of height increasing insoles have made it physically possible to add to your height. These revolutions inserts that can be placed in your shoes haven’t been around that long but are making a big impact in the world by increasing peoples height and their confidence and self esteem to go with.

WHY THOUGH???????????????

We live in a very superficial world where appearances mean more than they ought to. People will judge you mostly on the way you look and how tall you are, creating a good first impression is vital in job interviews and height increasing insoles will help you out by giving you a little lift making people think that you are more dominant as the taller you are people usually think are more dominant and have more authority. This is something employers look for as they want their employees to be decisive and in control.

People will often listen more to the views and opinions of those who are taller plus taller people are better leader (and politicians) than those smaller than them because of this.

Thankfully the insoles didnt chew up my feet and spit them out!

Comfortable to wear with built in orthotics and with shock absorbing material provide you with a comfortable and safe way to be taller that shall actually stabilize your foot in the correct natural position makes height increasing the best bet for increasing height… high heels can damage your feet whereas because height increasing insoles have been made by orthopedic specialist’s in a way that actually helps protect your feet from shocks, pressure and comfortably fits to the contours of your feet all means that you can wear them all day without foot pain.

You might actually be amazed by the effects the 3 inches taller that you can get with these insoles can have. Instant height or gradually add to your height you decide as you can control your height with a stack system to slowly increase your height bit by bit or all at once. I prefer the first option to avoid awkward question from your mates.

Hidden away, out of sight out of mind… people wont really realize you are wearing them will they?

Now anyone can be tall!

Flaws with capitalism, why it is bad!

The flaw with capitalism is with free market brings greed, exploitation. Everyone is out for themselves and nobody is out to help those who need help despite how hard they may work.

Capitalism destroys freedom. Whether political, economic or democratic, this is down to the fact the capitalism creates monopoly’s that only help the rich get richer.

As in many western countries despite the growing populations and better technology the gap between the rich and poor increases, the majority of which will be poor.

The rise in multinational company’s and globalization has some believe lead to the falling standards of living and inequality in many third world countries where the demand for cheap labor has lead to almost slave and child labor in these countries.

With large cooperation controlling the economy this creates the question how can the government be able to run if they do not have actual control of there country? Hence why capitalism destroys democracy…

Standard of living for the poor maybe improving gradually as relative poverty in apparent affluent countries improves but how long will this be until the amount of people living in the country becomes unsustainable?

Capitalism reflects mainly a atheists view of live while you can and not care about other who maybe suffering around you, as long as you can get rich and live your life to the full who cares if other cant?

When you die it doesn’t matter how rich you are, but how you lived your life and your experiences…If you lived a selfish rich life where you step on the little guy then i feel sorry for you as this is not the point of life at.

Being proud of what you have achieved and your life is far more important and can make a poor person richer than any of the billionaires.

Jobs in the Uk are just about non existent, thanks to the class system that has been in England for man centuries, means the rich simply inherent there fortune with no effort at all.

Its not about what you know but more simply who you know, everybody is born equal and have there own skills, talents and potentials everyone can if they put their mind to it achieve  anything otherwise nobody would achieve anything at all. But in a capitalist world this fact is simply ignored as the rich keep to their inner circles a safe option as if the rich and poor gap is crushed then there is a chance that equality will spread meaning that they will no longer be on “top”.

Capitalism brings coercive monopoly’s that stop all other innovation and business out sound of the monopoly that drives the economy into a stagnant state equaling job losses and lack of inspiration as people can no longer see past the brick wall constructed by the monopoly stopping them from coming up with new ideas as if they did they would simply be stepped on by the monopoly so what is the point?

What do you think?

That’s not spam! Does freedom of speech really exist on the internet?

thats-not-spamAre you a troll or a spammer because someone disagreed with what you had to say on the internet? It seems more and more people are using this insult to censor views that they disagree with.

Freedom of speech is being destroyed on the internet by the culture of the first person to call the other a troll or spammer wins the discussion or debate (sometimes you may not even be directly talking to the one who calls you).

Everyone has a view but if it is not that of the majority on the internet then it has to be spam right?

Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter if some random computer nerd calls you a spammer or troll but big company’s have adopted this culture to control advertising and commerce on the internet by using these very methods.

Spam = something of low quality or value, but who determines what is spam? A democrat could say a communists views are spam and a communist could say the same about the democrat. Its all subjective.

Obviously webmasters and owners should be able to determine what to show and not show on their website, but there comes to a point where big company’s that control and influence a large portion of the internet traffic  can start to impact the level of freedom of speech available on the internet.

On social media sites like twitter if you say something someone deems as offensive despite your real meaning you can be reported and your account banned…
Also because you are restricted to only a few characters on sites like twitter this also restricts what you have got to say… can you really say something inspiring or political in 140 characters?

Google uses the level of “spam” that points to a website as a determining factor of where this website should rank and be seen in other words on the internet.

Google has also recently said that they will take action on website that do not no follow advertorial links. What does this mean well they will constitute a advert as spam and trying to game the system if a article sounds (subjective to the reader) like a advert for a company, product or service and has a do follow link to a website on it.

(do follow means search engine bots will follow the bot and no follow basically means search engine bot will not follow them).

This is solid proof that big company’s are using the the excuse of spam to control what websites and company’s can and cannot be seen.

Spam really does not exist. Yes some people may find something that doesn’t make sense, or is highly advertorial but does this really make it spam? Would you say that Pollock’s painting of paint splattered everywhere where spam because they don’t make any sense (to the untrained eye) or a musicians music was “spammy” simply because it advertises his views in the music? No.

The internet is a important place as it is the main communication between individuals and country’s and if one internet giant can determine what can and cannot be said on the internet then obviously this is not a good thing.


Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint free alternative

You buy a new Microsoft computer, and you get a couple of pre-installed software, included are Microsoft office tools like Word, Excel (for spreadsheets), PowerPoint and Onenote. However you get annoyed because you realize that these are just trials and in 60 days you wont be able to use them again.. you wont even be able to open up copy and paste things from lets say a word file that one of your friends emails to you you will only be able to read it… how rubbish is that.

So you are probably here looking for a free alternative because your 60 day trial has run out and you dont want to pay Microsoft loads of money for what should be standard tools that should come free with a computer.. well there is a free alternative to Microsoft office called openoffice.

Openoffice has just about everything Microsoft office does for free.

It is quick to download and install.. probably quicker to download and install than it would be buying and activating Microsoft office.

So check it out, it works really well and i actually think its better than Microsoft office!

Oh and another thing to mention is that Openoffice can actually read Microsoft office files for example if you get a spreadsheet in Microsoft excel format you can open it up in open office’s version of excel and edit and save it too… same with word and the other tools too.




How can you grow taller? Is it even possible?

As you may or may not realize when you read this blog im small… 5ft 2 to be precise! well you wouldn’t realize it if you saw me… you’d only think I was just below average height not the dwarf I really am. Because I for one actually do something about my height…… Im gonna be sharing my top tips now to help out other small folks like me… awww aren’t I a decent person 🙂

What you should know

In this article we will be discussing the real truth behind growing taller…if possible!

There is a lot of harmful information online telling people that it is possible to grow taller at any age by taking a series of human growth hormone drugs, and even some websites go to the extreme of telling people that by using clamps on the spine it is possible to force your body into growing taller… With so much snake-oil telling people that if they buy an “ebook” that they will be able to know the secrets and with very little (or at least very hard to find) real information out there on the internet many are fooled into believing that this dangerous methods work, when in actual fact they can do more harm than good and could actually stunt your growth or wreck you posture making you smaller not taller!

The fact is that nobody can actually make themselves grow taller, but there are ways to help boost your growth if you are still growing and prevent yourself from stunting it.
Height is caused by a number of factors many though put it largely down to genetics.. this in a sense is true but environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle play a huge role on whether you reach your maximum height your genetics allows or not.

Scientists have done extensive research in the field of human height. Scientists have noticed a strong correlation between affluent populations who have a high standard of living, well educated and have healthy diets and have found after comparing the height of the affluent population with that of one found in a third world country and have seen that the poorer population who have a much lower standard of living and do not have a very healthy diet (malnourished) are much smaller in height.

Some people may argue that this maybe down to differences in genetic backgrounds and not related to diet and lifestyle… But take for example countries that have recently been under famine that where not before like North Korea…In the 90’s North Korea was hit by famine, Why is it that the people who where growing up in the 90’s are much smaller than the older North Koreans who did not grow up in famine then?

The sparse differences of height isn’t just from country to country, thanks to relative poverty and the increasing gap between rich and poor we are now seeing huge differences in height within one country…In England for example the average height is 5ft 9in.. but in some parts that are suffering from relative population the average height is much lower… This is because in these parts people cannot afford healthy food.. and instead will choose to eat quick, cheap and tasty food like ready meals and fast food. Also smoking is often high in these places and not only does smoking kill people at a younger age it has been proven to also stunt growth if you smoke whilst you are still growing.

Diet is important if you want to grow tall

As I stated above people will often choose to eat fast food because it tastes good… you do not have to worry about cooking or preparing and it is cheap… but it is also full of empty calories and offers no nutritional value what so ever. You body needs nutrition to grow. Particularly amino acids that help with cellular growth and repair.. a chain of amino acids make up proteins… that is why eating lots of protein rich foods is good if you want to boost your height. But what about taking amino acid tablets to boost height instead? Amino acids tablets are no good as they create a imbalance. Yes your body needs amino acids but taking amino acid tablets are not the answer as you body needs other vital nutrients like calcium for strong bones (vital for good posture and bone growth) and vitamin D for helping your body better absorb the calcium.. you will not be able to get a healthy balanced diet from taking tablets.. the only way you can do this is by eating a variety of healthy foods.

How to increase your height once you have stopped growing

Now I hope you realize just how important eating healthy is for height… but if you’re growth plates have fused together (often in your late teens) you will not be able to boost or help your growth anymore because you will have stopped growing. (but eating a balanced diet is still needed for you to stay healthy)

So what can you do?

Well you have two options which are improving posture or by wearing a pair of height increasing heel lifts.

Better Posture

Improving your posture is something that everyone should try.. it helps you stay flexible and healthy and makes you taller… not by making your grow but by stretching out your spine and decompressing your body that is often compressed by gravity! Better posture makes you look and feel taller.
Did you know that astronauts who go up in space are a lot taller in space than they are on earth? This is down to gravity… the same reason why you are much taller in the morning when you have just woken up than you are at the end of the day when gravity has been pushing down on your body and spine all day.

Better posture can be achieved by doing stretching exercises that will help to strengthen the muscles that support your spines.. better support means that you are more resistant to gravity and gravity has a harder times compressing you together!

Not only that but stretching exercises can straighten the spine adding inches to your height… Stretching exercises can be done either in the form of Yoga or Pilates for a couple minutes each day.. but you are not limited to just them.. swimming is another great exercise where you must constantly stretch your body… along with basketball too.

Do you know about Height increasing heel lifts?

If you do not think that you will have enough time or simply cannot be bothered to do stretching exercises (or just wanting even more height on top of doing stretching exercises). The a pair of height increasing heel lifts are the answer to your problems.
Heel lifts are insoles that you can place in your shoes that will give you a instant boost in height.. working in the same way as high heels but without the foot pain thanks to the orthotic technology that has been incorporated into the design of the heel lifts. (Heel lifts where first and still are used for leg length discrepancy’s so these insoles had to be comfortable and give a constant level of support and height to avoid pain and injury when wearing them.)

Heel lifts made to be invisible so that nobody can tell you are wearing them to help you avoid embarrassing questions… another way for you to hide the fact you are wearing them and stop people wondering how you grew 3 inches over night is by using the adjustable stacks that you add onto or take away from the heel lifts to increase your height slowly over time.

Combining the use of heel lifts and doing stretching exercises that I previously mentioned is a great way to help boost your height at least! Stretching exercises can often take awhile to see results so why not grab a pair of heel lifts in the meantime while your waiting?

There are many places online to buy a pair of heel lifts including nuovahealth which also sells a number of different heel lifts and insoles among other health products too.


Brent Plater Discusses Extinction of Chinese Dolphin Species on KQED

Brent Plater, a visiting professor and staff attorney with the Enviornmental Law and Justice Clinic at Golden Gate Law School recently did a nice perspective on KQED on the extinction of the Baiji Dolphin in China–I recommend that all of you take a listen. Plater was originally with the Center for Biological Diversity.

There’s more coverage of the extinction of the Baiji Dolphin at National



Sadly, it appears that the recklessness of human activity in the area–including the building of dams on the Yangtze and ship traffic, were responsible for the extinction of this noble animal:



It is truly sad to bear witness to the extinction of an entire species in our own lifetime–one that could have been avoided, by simply altering a pattern of activity or behavior. Plater’s farewell to this species should be a signal to the global community that it’s time to start thinking hard about what our priorities are in this era of globalization and rampant development worldwide–do we value rapid, reckless economic development at the cost of killing off entire species of animal and plant life–species that have been on the planet for millions of years?

It’s been reported that the polar bear could be extinct within 100 years if we do not take steps to reduce global carbon emissions and global warming. And sadly, countless other species on are on the verge of extinction, including the white rhinoceros of Southern Africa.

An op-ed in Monday’s Daily Cal noted that the world population could balloon to over 10 billion by 2050, and that California leaders and others must arrest the rapid rate of human population growth to take any meaningful steps to combatting global warming.

I agree completely. If we don’t take steps now to curb population growth while making responsible decisions that protect our biological diversity, reports on the extinction of species may become commonplace and routine.