How to get more confidence! dont give up!

Confidence is really important it stop you from giving up and being a failure.
We all need some confidence to help stop us from being failures. Confidence will help drive our lives and give us the attitude and go to not give up and strive to be the best! We should all have confidence in ourselves because we all have the potential to be the best at something we just have to find out what we are good at and what are our talents and work on them.. Some people are good at sports and some aren’t.. some people are good at art and some people cannot draw at all… Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the best sportsmen… not everyone is good at sports so dont let this destroy your confidence it just means that you are really good at something else you just need to find out what!Or you could look at it in another way.. everyone is born equal so everyone has the same abilities to do whatever it is they want to do the only difference is though that some people have more confidence at doing certain things than other people meaning they are better than others… So if you are going to look at it like that you can achieve just about anything as long as you have the confidence to make you do it.

Other people will try and put you down or stop you because we live in a capitalist society and people are just evil like that but dont let this put you down.. PEOPLE WANT THAT! INSTEAD MAKE THIS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND YOU AND ASPIRE TO BE BETTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE..because you already are.. whereas people boost their own confidence by knocking people back you strive to be the best by being the best at what your good at.. a far better talent then them just putting people down all the time. Don’t care what other people think either… this is the number one reasons s to why man people lack confidence. You are you and unique (atheists will try and tell you otherwise) but believe in your self and life and you will go very far…leaving the dull saddos behind to fight amongst themselves with their petty arguments which in the bigger picture dont really mean a thing. The world is a big place and their for YOU to explore! Meeting new people.. doing things that you want to do and are good at will all help boost your confidence and make you enjoy life… The key to getting more confidence is not to worry about not having confidence and to just enjoy life to the full. Finding out what you are good at is all apart of life and can be fun… play sports.. if your not good at one sport you maybe good at a different sport. Some people are painters some are photographers or singers!
Sometimes listening to music or finding inspiration some how can help boost your confidence aswell.. helping to make the world seem a better and more fulfilling place with opportunities that are in your reach! It may not always be music that may inspire you but can be sometimes from the most unexpected of places but something to remember is that inspiration isn’t something can summoned on demand otherwise it wouldn’t be very inspiring now would it? I hope this article has inspired you and remember you have the potential to do what ever you want just have confidence!

Google update Penguin 2.1 announced

Has there been a recent google update? Have you seen your website drop recently from the search results? Well… there has been a link based update to google algo.. IT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!

It has been officially been announced that google’s penguin 2.1 is rolling out. Already the serps are fluctuating and going wild… With some sites disappearing entirely and being replaced by yet more amazon.. ebay and youtube results. From forum discussion and talk the hardest hit website are those who are small niche website and not big brands. It maybe just me but now when I search for something I am getting very unrelated pages from big brand website all because they mention the keyword used on the page. This update has not made the serps better but more irrelevant and defeats the objective of searching if all the results are just website you already know about. Many seo’s and webmasters are saying how their good quality websites have been totally ruined by this update.. but remember this update isn’t about website quality but link quality… Something that you are not always in control of (negative seo).

If you are confused about what penguin looks at to determine where your website should be here are a few pointers:

Link anchor diversity (this is very important a natural link profile should have a mixture of diverse anchors that are not all just the keyword that you are targeting)

Links from un penalized website either from penguin or panda

Where your links are coming from… if obvious link wheel or network

Relevant links… in context and designed for users and not search engine bots

Many seo’s will be speculating what has changed and why websites are being penalized by this update. Websites that I have noticed that have survived the update are

(With all of these google updates going on should webmasters look for better and more reliable ways to get real web traffic? I think so…)

How is your website after this recent update? Improved? lost out? the same?

WordPress 404 error when posting or editing

Recently Berkeley bubble has been having major problems with 404 error’s… nothing the followers and readers of this blog have got to worry about just errors that has made it annoyingly hard and time consuming to post on Berkeley bubble. The errors came about when publishing a post… for some reason wordpress (the cms platform that we use) was showing 404 errors every time we tried to publish or update a post. These errors have meant instead of using wordpress to publish stuff we have had to go into the mysql database and add posts directly through their instead. We may have found a fix to this problem.. simply changing permalinks from day and name back to default. We think what may have happened was a problem with a permalinks plugin we have installed here on Berkeley bubble and the permalink settings not being set as default either. We are currently unsure whether this will solve the problem or not that is partly why we are posting this message to test whether or not we have fixed the problem or not… hopefully it will have solved it.. if not back to the drawing board. The real confusing thing about all of this is that we can publish small messages on Berkeley bubble without any problems but anything over a couple hundred words we start seeing these 404 errors.

If you have any suggestions of what is causing these 404’s please comment below! Thanks. (Iv dealt with loads of wordpress website before and this is the first time this has happened).

Update: By the looks of things it look as though this has done the trick… I dont want to speak to soon though as we haven’t tested out publishing a larger post yet.

(This error could also be caused by mod security as well being turned on which isnt something you can solve by your self but needs to be solved through your webhost.)

How to promote a website on forums without getting banned

Forum mods tend to be jobsworth saddos and love the little power being a forum mod gives them so just love to ban people.. but here is a quick guide on how to promote a website on forums without getting banned.  but here is how to sneak in your link wihtout getting banned.

If you are focusing on just getting backlinks what you sould do as you wouldn’t want people especially mods  is create a forum post and then wait a couple days as the forum topic looses interest’s and disappears down the forum index then that’s when you edit the forum post you made and add in your link. You have to keep in mind that some forums eithier do not let you edit your post once you have written it or will block you frome diting your post after a period of time so keep this in mind when writing a massive write up.

However you want to promote your website and get your website link seen. So how do you go about doing this? Well what I do and works is this….

If you join a forum and straight away post a self promoting post you will quickly be banned on most forums.. however establishing a reputation and creditability on a forum takes far to much time and effort just to promote your website and is still not a guarantee that when you do decide to create a self promoting post that you still wont be banned and the thread deleted. (After all forums mods are idiots and most forums are actually just SEO content farms).
You must bare in mind that forum mods will view anything that has a link in it as spam… whatever it maybe. So what you should do is create posts that dont have a hyperlink in them…..It is so simple.

All you have to do is create a thread that discreetly promotes your website on a high traffic forum and because us humans or curious creatures we will (if your post is good enough) investigate further.

You dont have to write a unique article per forum post….. as you are not hyper linking to your website this means duplicate content and seo penalties will not effect you. and you can spend you time writing a really clever post that will indirectly promote your website! The post could be like this:

Hi guys,

I was reading up on some info on some website called berkeleybubble anyway what it was talking about was posting on forums promoting your website without getting banned by mods. The whole idea is basically about getting initial traffic to your great website content which will help you with seo…. blahaha

Make sure when you write your post you dont reveal everything on the forum post as you want forum users to have to check out your website to know what your going on about. You could even use a cliff hanger at the end so people want to know more… Tutorials are also good. By writing a incomplete tutorial will mean people will have to go to your website to find out the rest of the tutorial.

By writing your forum post once and posting it only multiple forums is really easy and fast  and not having a hyperlink in it will not get you banned unless the mods really are petty or you didnt word it right…

Automating the process

I dont really advise this method but some of you may want to do this as it has no negative effects to your seo (unless hyperlinks are created). Using gsa search engine ranker or xrummer you will be able to automatically post to hundreds of forums posting your post far quicker than manually registering and pasting your message and posting it. However you got to take into consideration that these software’s will post in mostly dead, irrelevant forums and forum sections which may come across spammy and give your website a negative reputation as being a spammer even if you dont provide links in your post. Remember targeted and relevant forums is the best place to promote your website and will not look out of place or like linkless spam.

Why I hate football

I never personally get what football is all about? I think its rather pointless and boring watching people run around kicking a ball aimlessly…. I would much rather play football myself than watch people playing it and having fun.

Here are a few reasons why I and other people hate football

Over paid and undeserving football players.

Some of the footballers are paid hundreds of thousands every week in wages and sponsorships and for what? What do they really bring to society? What they do bring is the encouragement of drug taking and cheating… great role models for the youth of today. You used to be able to look up to a football player in the good old days… good sportsmanship and honorable on and off the pitch but this cannot be said for today’s footballer players.
I cannot deny that some footballer player do still help out charities and are good role models but for the vast majority of football players this isn’t the case sadly.

Game after game

Its a bit silly when you see on tv another advert of yet another football match hyping up who will win and be the best.. even though they just had a game a few weeks ago. Not only is it a bit pointless as nothing would have changed since they last played and it doesn’t really effect me who’s the better football team or not but the football associations are making millions per match out of the pointlessness too.


If football is all about being the best.. what if talent isn’t needed? We can all train.. gain strength, speed and endurance as the saying goes practice makes perfect So if this all you need many of these footballers aren’t naturally talented just have practiced a lot.. So some people may argue that enough practice can mean anyone could theoretically get good at football and because the aim of the game fundamentally is to kick a ball into a net then creative thinking which talent is built upon doesn’t come into play. I do agree that their is decision making in football which would bring in creativity to the table but watching many games of football and the attitude and brainlessness of these players off the pitch suggests that a lot of football players rely on just luck and their fitness really.

Don’t get me wrong playing football is loads of fun but just watching other play football for me is rather boring and annoying when i know that these players are making millions for having fun!

Google is a rubbish search engine

I have decided not to use Google anymore, quite frankly it is pointless and doesn’t help me surf the web at all. Today I was searching for a product so I decided to “Google it” and all the results i got back were rubbish… I got just a bunch of amazon and ebay results….. 14 in total! Now if i wanted to buy this product on ebay or amazon I would have searched on amazon or eBay. Google maybe the richest and biggest monopoly on the internet but like all monopolies greed is destroying quality of service.

SEO updates in favor of the big guys

Google is apparently trying to constantly create better user experience and develop new algorithms to make the search results more relevant and better helping you to find what you are looking for straight away. However the opposite is happening thanks to the morons who work at Google.
Google is actively working to destroy all small websites knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe Google is doing this because it feels small websites and businesses do not offer value to their searchers…meaning big brands are being favored in the search engine who Google trusts and can profit from.

Google is either to stubborn to see that just filling the search results with the same big websites constantly destroys the whole point of searching the web or another reason why Google is full of the same big websites is that Google cannot detect a good website from a rubbish one so instead of trying to create innovative ways to help find new and good websites to display in the search results google opts for the cheap option of just showing big brands which “will do for now”.

I am inclined to say that Google is doing a bit of both….. actively destroying small businesses forcing them to join adsense and pay for their positions in the search results and because Google is to dumb to think of (or doesn’t considering they are making huge profit anyway) new ways to find quality websites to rank in the serps means that they are just going for the easy option.

Google makes loads of excuses why websites dont rank… blaming Spam link profiles of websites but surely it is what is on the website page that counts not what links to it… This is evidence that suggests Google’s just cant properly analysis quality of websites and webpages effectively.

Google isn’t about privacy… and their are plenty of alternative search engines to use instead.
Google doesn’t care for privacy and even thinks they are above the uk privcay laws here in the uk. So why use them? I have already explained how they are stamping on small businesses and how there search results are just useless. You have a wide range of alternative search engines that will take privacy seriously and are not so arrogant either…. I know I wont be using Google anymore.

Are you allowed to remove footerlinks on free theme templates?


There really is a lot of confusion and threats roaming around in the internet space… Are you allowed to delete footer links from free themes/templates? The simple answer is YES you can… should you well that’s upto you and if you want to help the designer with Search engine optimization or not which would be against search engine guidelines and could find your website penalized.

It is always good to give reasonable credit when credits due but more often that not free themes will be littered with footer links. This can be bad for your own websites SEO as your website will be involved in a type of link network helping to improve the web designers rankings in Google and other search engines. Search engines have become wise to this and can detect when someone is trying to game the search engines and by leaving these footer link which are often irrelevant to your website content can be bad and effect your own rankings in Google.

People do put a lot of hard work into creating themes for free! And if you are using a really good theme my advise to would be to keep the footer links as a way of thanking the web designer this will hopefully motivate them to create even more great themes.

Website themes

Wether you are using WordPress theme, Joomla theme or use a free static html web design you are not obliged to leave the designer links on your website.. doing so WILL have negative impacts on your site traffic as search engines will negatively view your websites as being involved in web network trying to game the search engine system. It is your website. You are the one paying for hosting and you should be in full control of what is and isn’t on your website. As long as you are not using any copyrighted images your website will be fine and nobody can file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (of DMCA) take down request at your website… If the template you are using does use copyrighted images then leaving the footer links will do nothing to protect your website from a DMCA. Images that come with the theme template and that have not been ripped from else where and have been freely distributed on the internet for use with the theme can still be used even if you have removed the footer links. By sharing a theme/template for free use on the internet means that you are able to edit and change the theme/templates however you want and can even delete link credits.

Blogger free themes

Blogger (.blogspot) is hosted on Google….. but that doesn’t mean you have to keep the footer links!

There are hundreds of free simple and complicated blogger theme templates floating around but there would be far fewer if the designers couldn’t leave their links in the footer… the links in the template is what motivates them to create and distribute these templates so that they can collect hundreds or even maybe thousands of links pointing to their website… It is quite easy to find and delete these blogger theme designer links.. by searching for the link in the template file and deleting the html code… but some people are tricked into not deleting the links because the theme designer will put in a template comment next to the html link code saying something like this:

<!–Under the creative commons license your are not allowed to remove these links… Remove these links and we will file a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (of DMCA) take down request to remove your blog. –>

Complete rubbish! Under the creative commons license you are allowed to edit and modify anything and everything on the template freely and thus are allowed to edit and delete the footer links.. Even if there was a bit in the creative commons license (which their aint) that says you need to leave credit this does not have to be a link and you could simply delete the link and leave static text saying the design of this template was created by… somewhere on your blog or website.

Google is apparently above the law so google says

Typical Google as always acting as thought just because they are the biggest internet giant around that they are above everyone else and even above the law. Google has recently claimed that because Google is a American business that they cannot be sued by Uk courts. This claim has risen from a recent civil court case here in the UK about alleged iPhone tracking which monitors and tracks users internet usage violating privacy of up to 10 million users. Google faces a lot of civil court cases from individual iphone users who’s privacy might have been invaded by Google 10 people have so far grouped together and began legal proceedings against Google….. However Google has stated that because google is a American company and is based in America Google so this means Google is not subject to UK privacy laws and can be only sued in an American court under American law only.

Google isn’t doing itself any favors by upsetting the UK public even more… Recently it came out that Google was giving the American government private information regarding searchers which also brings into question wether IF those who would like to make a claim against Google went to America to sue Google would they have a fair trial or not? Considering Google are quite friendly with the government it seems.. and it is obvious that google see’s a better outcome by being sued in America rather than the uk too.

Google avoids paying cooperation tax in the UK on the grounds that they do not seal the deal here in the UK but in Ireland where cooperation tax is much lower despite the fact that much of the setting up of the deals are done in the UK and much of the UK’s resources are used to help Google make these deals in the first place. Everybody has to pay their fair share of tax… Many people in the UK work hard all their lives just to get by and will see google exploiting the system as they can with their vast wealth and resources enabling Google to find and use these exploits in the law to try and avoid paying tax.

Google is turning into the number one enemy of the internet by squeezing and trampling on small businesses here in the uk (even for those who try to make their website rank higher on google by doing seo Google makes mocking videos and tweets by the Google spam team telling them to stop or else) by making it impossible to rank your business on Google. For example Google looks for natural backlink’s from other websites to rank your site higher in the search results. However how on earth are websites meant to get back links in the first place if your website is nowhere to be seen to begin with? Meaning that the only websites to rank on google and to be seen are big brand websites that already have a established reputation…

Google’s arrogance towards others will be its downfall.
The UK government has a duty to protect the interests of its citizens and not let a cooperation from another country ignore our rules which we as citizens must abide by. The uk government should not be bullied by Google and should stick up for its people who’s privacy has been violated. The UK public are not stupid either, if Google continue to go down the path of deeming itself above everyone else here in the UK it will soon loose popularity very quickly here in the UK.

Insoles what should you buy?

Who would have thought shoes and what you got or not got in your shoes can cause so much pain and misery.. well it did for me anyway. Earlier this year I got the annoying news that I had plantar fasciitis. This meant I could choose to not use my feet ever again and become a couch potato or buy some expensive insoles and being unemployed I really didn’t have the money for £100…… but after a little research I found out that naaaaaaaaaaaaaah custom insoels are for suckers and are just a scam.  So what insoles should you buy that will fit your needs and wont cost you too much money?

Gel insoles <for the busy non sports people.

If you are always walking places it can be quite tiring especially for your feet that needs to support your whole body weight and the constant impacts as you walk… wearing uncomfortable and flat shoes can leave the feet with foot cramp, pain and even plantar fasciitis if we are not careful.. even if you do not do much sport you can still get injury’s associated with sports from simply walking and overuse like plantar fasciitis. If you find that you dont want to spend a huge sum of money of a pair of insoles… want a pair that are comfortable and will stop the foot cramp and pain at the source then gel insoles are for you… They have been designed for those people who are always on the go.. lightweight and simple to put into just about all of your shoes simply and quickly. The special gel the insoles are made out of means that the insoles will actually mold to the foots shape giving support and maximum comfort.. this also means you dont have to buy a special pair of custom orthotic which can be a lot of hassle and a lot of money. The gel also acts as a shock absorber that means no harmful shock can hurt the heel and foot as you walk… But its not just the shock as you walk because of gravity our feet are always under a constant strain and pressure can build on the heel. Gel insoles though will spread this pressure evenly throughout the heel eliminating the risk of damage and/or injury this could cause. Gel insoles are among the most afforable to buy of all the insoles and only cost around £5-£15 depending on what sort you buy.

Arch support and plantar fasciitis insoles < for sports people and normal people and for those of you guys just like me..inbetween.

Arch support insoles unlike gel insoles are more commonly worn by sports people who understand the the risks of planatar fasciitis and how as we get older the arch of the foot will start to weaken and extra support is actually needed to help it under the strain of our body weight. What arch support insoles do is offer this extra support to the arch (plantar fascia) and reduces the risk of planatar fasciitis in doing so. Arch supp0ort and planatar fasciits insoles are actually prescribed more often than not by doctors to help patients recover and ease the symptoms connected to plantar fasciitis, by taking the strain of the arch when recovering from “PF” patients have a far quicker recovery. But it isn’t just those recovering from pf that can wear these inserts as sports people and in contrast overweight people due to their excess weight putting extra strain on the arch can also wear them too, as they help reduce the risk of strain and inflammation of the plantar fascia which is one of the biggest causes for PF. The rpp for these insoles ranges from £10-15

Sports and running insoles <specially made for athletes

Sports and running insoles are widely used in the sporting world these orthotic inserts help to reduce injury, improve efficiency when running and help with technique. Firstly a pair of running/sport insoles help to stabilize balance and footing position which results in better running technique and balance. Not only that these insoles have been proven to help reduce serious injury and help to dampen impacts and pressure this results in less energy being lost when you run making it easier and more efficient when you run. Sports insoles have been designed unlike arch support and gel insoles for active sporting activities made from durable and flexible materials that have been specially made to cope under excess and sudden shocks and jolts found in sports.. a pair of running insoles are lightweight for running effectively, extra supportive for the best technique and running style possible and ensures shocks are dampened effectively reducing injury risk whilst you play your sport carefree. Can be bought for around £10-£15 online.

All insoles mentioned above can be bought at nuovahealth. (BerkeleyBubble holds no partnership to nuovahealth we only suggest nuovahealth as in my opinion theyare the best ones I have tried and I have tried every brand and non brand you can think of.)



Is evolution right?

I am not a product of evolution!

I know that my thoughts are my own and creativity disproves the theory that evolution fundamentally defines who we are…

Life is like a flame and inspiration, experience and even evolution help this flame to burn brighter.

Evolution is not what defines us and makes us who we are today, but it does helps us to express and communicate better, helping us to improve our lives and broaden our  perceptions. But this doesn’t mean that evolution determines what we think, do. Our souls are instead the cause of who we are, that have always existed throughout evolution. The soul hasn’t changed with evolution but as evolution has made life easier evolution has also helped the soul to express and communicate itself better.

The theory of evolution doesn’t disprove the soul but affirms it in my opinion. Many scientists do not believe this to be the case and try to simplify life and put it down to evolution by shoving evidence in our faces like “basic lifeforms do not show what we understand as intelligence then they must be just living on instinct proving that animals dont need that something else (that being the soul)”, but could these lifeforms simply not have the means to be able to fully express themselves… We can see that some animals have varying levels of intelligence according to adaptions evolution has given them or in some cases not given them. Say for instance if a human cannot see or hear does that mean they are a lesser being to those who can? Does that mean they do not obtain a soul?

Has science got it wrong?

Scientists have for years pondered if animals have the same level of consciousness as us humans. Scientists have conducted various tests but due to the fact that animals do not speak our language and cant really say “Hey you! Mr scientist I am aware!” then like much science nobody tells the scientists if they are right or wrong, hence why science exists really. We know (or suspect) that language developed over hundreds of thousands of years from grunts in the cavemen times to complex dialect in modern times.. this development has been crucial to the development of the human race as communication has enabled us to organize ourselves and work together to create civilization as we know it today, but not only does it create civilization, communication and development it also creates differences in opinion…one could argue that language isn’t part of evolution and instinct because we all have different opinions which help shape the language we use the same as how creativity is based upon opinion as well. So we know that different people have different opinions but are these opinions just product of human adaption over time, the influences and experiences in our lives and differing opinions are based on differences in experience and environmental factors? Most importantly are conflict of interests after all according to Darwin a result of the survival of the fittest? Experiences some believe is fundamental to behavior as well as development in human kind and creates the separation between one and another. Instinct on the other hand is a theory that we react to certain things in certain ways. Instinct is what anyone would instinctively do as it is programmed into us ie not touching something that is hot because it hurts. But is instinct not something that is programmed into our dna but instead programmed into our minds from convention, culture morals and we are influenced that it is the right thing to do?

Some scientists and philosophers argue that if a person had the exact same experiences and dna as you in your life exactly would they be you? This maybe a extreme example but they say that this illustrates the principal of how important the environment, experiences and dna is to defining who we are. But this brings the question that life is but a system that is predefined.

Sciences arrogance and narrow way of thinking is really what blinds them to the bigger picture. Let me refer back to the point I made earlier about scientists not been given the answer so they must find there own using their own judgement. There really are no right or wrong answer only guesses as to what they find out is right or wrong.

We are all individual minds that are not controlled by instinct, yes we let experiences influence us and for some it can control them.

But our interpretation of our experiences like scientists have no right or wrong answers. Our minds are not bound to physics or maths, as we are not static entity’s… what we are made of is bound to physics but what controls us is are our souls which. Some may argue that it is electrical impulses that make our arm moves but who is it that creates these electrical signals in the first place even science states that there is always a cause to a action? A evolutionary pattern of human instinct that has been developed and has resulted in that interpretation of experience and the action? But if this was true how did life even begin in the first place? What started the initial spark of life? A chain reaction of atoms bumping into each other? according to that logic then stare long enough at a rock and eventually it will come to life.

Evolution does exist but not how scientist believe it does. the mind does not evolve over time as this would imply that humans did not have their own unique mind only our experiences have. New technology and education has lead us to be brighter than our ancestors but war, corruption and greed still exist today. laws just better control it. Law is a system just like agriculture over the time the development of these systems improve improving our lives! Sometimes these systems can become stagnant and its only through innovation through creative and ingenious ideas of individuals thinking of ideas that nobody else has though of creates the catalyst for improvement. Mutations do occur but mutations and is the basis of Darwin’s theory of evolution but mutations do not evolve the mind (because the mind is the soul which is unique) mutations in the animal kingdom make the lives of the animals better in some cases, changing the way in which they live.

Why society confuses the issue

Society blurs individuality, convention and social acceptance creates conventions and creates the illusion that everyone is the same fundamentally. But this is wrong human traits for example like that of loneliness and from the cavemen times safety in numbers is fixed into us because it is what is known and is far less scarey than the unknown.

Convention and culture and the atheist fear that we are only mere entity’s that have been pre calculated is untrue and it is this that is holding many back.

As hopefully this article has proved, life is not planned, instinct isn’t real and fate doesn’t exist because despite what scientists say our individual minds will always result in unique and often random actions that cannot be determined.