Get healthy America!

Other countries mock Americans for being obese and when you look at the figures it is quite easy to see why. American should stop being so lazy and start being more active and at least do some form of exercise. Maybe it is the affluent lifestyle of Americans or maybe we just do not encourage healthy living as much as we should at a young age. More and more Americans are suffering from obesity because of modern day life. America is the biggest economy in the world and with this comes affluence and a cushy lifestyle that has meant we have had a unlimited supply of food. What causes this?Affluence and laziness is what is to be blamed for this but also the modern lifestyle means that many are working office jobs.. Americas economy is ran by people sat in front of computers. The vast majority of Americans have office jobs meaning that they must sit in front of a screen each day hardly moving… as they are so busy as well and the fact that fast food restaurants are at every corner means that Americans will not bother with eating healthy foods either… its far more convenient to eat unhealthy after all healthy food takes too long to prepare right? Wrong eating and even exercise each day can be done a lot faster and easier than most Americans believe and changing the attitude towards healthy living and just how easy it is will help solve the obesity pandemic here in America. Obesity can cause a lot of health problems and causes a great strain on our health services.. it has been a topic that politicians have debated for years yet still America is still fat…. Running, sports exercise should be encouraged at a young age which will help promote a healthy lifestyle and a active one in later life but isn’t.. politicians should really focus more on changing the way peoples attitude is toward healthy living before (if not already) it becomes a devastating problem to America. Currently I don’t want be like a American pig so I decided to start running but being the enrd that I am I just had to join a running forum..(joined this runners world forum) makes me think with forums to do with fitness if the people there actually do any exercise or they just advise and criticize on forums all day.

The best running insoles that money can buy

I went running earlier this year… hoping to get back my six pack.. okay that was a lie. I was hoping to get a little bit fitter though but instead of aches and pains in the muscles I wanted I started getting aches and REAL PAINS in my feet and these pains wouldnt go away. After seeing a docotr I was told I had plantar fasciitis! and I needed to either stop running.. which I wasn’t prepared to do (because I want that six pack of course) or I should buy some proper insoles as I had high arches which was causing me to run funnily. Go on any running forum and you will be told by a great deal of people that custom insoles are all the range and that you must spend a whole load of cash on some custom insoles and only then will you be ready to go running. But what they fail to tell you is that they are talking a load of rubbish quite frankly. WHAT I FOUND OUT FOR MYSELF AFTER WASTING LOTS OF MONEY ON CUSTOM SOLES WAS……. Insoles dont have to be custom made and dont have to set you back a whole load of cash either. On the contrary insoles can be bought on a budget and work just the same as custom insoles if you are not suffering from any injuries and or have any special requirements. Insole manufacturers and podiatrists have created the belief that to help ease pain.. prevent injury and run safely you must empty your wallet holding the whole running community to ransom. When the real truth is that insoles made out of good flexible material that molds to your foot shape is all you need and custom insoles are just a worthless expense. What the insoles are made of is very important and shouldn’t be forgotten about as a poorly designed insole is practically useless if it doesn’t provide the right kind properties such as support and shock absorption is no good. The insole will provide arch support that is created by the material the insole is made from by molding to foot shape. The insoles should effectively eliminate shock before it reaches your foot by dampening impact force and spreading the energy evenly through out the foot this is important as focused energy causes damage. Pressure on the heel created by gravity pressing your body weight down on the heel should also be dealt with by spreading this pressure resulting in less strain on the heel.

By buying some running insoles you should consider all the above points I mentioned as running can amplify all the shocks, pressure and can really test the mechanics of the foot increasing the risk of injury. The right foot wear and insoles are crucial! Don’t break the bank here are some affordable insoles you can buy

Best running tips and tricks

Here are my top way to run…. I’m newbie still so these things may be totally wrong but are working for me at the moment.

Breathing is really important for runners.. breathing will give your muscles more oxygen and reduce the build up of lactic acid. You can train other parts of your body like your heart or legs to help you run faster so why cant you train your lungs to take in more oxygen as well to help you run faster and not be as out of breathe? Well you can after all the diaphragm is a muscle that helps you breathe. Singers know this and they are constantly doing breathing exercises and stretches to help them to improve their breathing which helps with their singing range and capabilities.

When your body is starved of oxygen this causes the build up of lactic acid as your body tries to create energy in your cells without the help of oxygen lactic acid is produced as a by product. Starving your body of oxygen whilst exercising can cause you to fatigue much quicker than you should. By strengthening the diaphragm by means of stretching you can increase the efficiency of the diaphragm making it easier for the diaphragm to fill your lungs with oxygen as you run.

Running stance or form is very important! Make sure that when you run you run tall! Good posture, no slouching or hunching forward will reduce the stress on your body reducing fatigue and enables you to breath better! Yoga and Pilates can improve your posture (can also help you to get taller to which is a bonus). Good form also constitutes the right arm movements and footing position. Make sure that when you run that your arms don’t cross over and swing side to side instead keep them moving forward and backwards only. When you foot hits the ground also make sure you keep it just under your hips and not too far back or too far forward.


How to prevent plantar fasciitis with insoles

You can buy many a wide range of orthotic and supportive insoles that can help you prevent plantar fasciitis. What is plantar fasciitis, it is a common foot problem that effects about 1% of the population despite it effecting so many people many do not know what it is or even that they maybe suffering from it. With varying degrees of pain that can be a symptom of plantar fasciitis which is most of the time caused by inflammation or damage to the plantar fascia it is best to prevent yourself from getting it. It is easy than you might think to prevent the development of this condition that effects mainly runners and the elderly however anyone can get it.

Overuse, injury or old age and the weakening of the plantar fascia are all factor that lead to its development.. to combat, or even treat plantar fasciitis insoles can be worn, including heel lifts (heel lifts have also the added bonus of making you taller too (please read how heel lifts can make you taller here). Insoles help to support the arch of the foot and protect and absorb shocks and pressure which can have a damaging effect on the plantar fascia and tissues around this area too. Insoles to help prevent plantar fasciitis are not that expensive and can be easily placed into your shoes quickly and that all it takes to ensure you don’t get this annoying and uncomfortable foot problem from developing.

You can also buy special sporting ones specifically designed to be light weight for sporting activities as well so you can be sport in them with no problems and comfortably.

Further notes on insoles to prevent plantar fasciitis: Regular retail price for good non custom insoles is around £6-£15 depending on make and quality.
Often made from materials that have been specially designed to be shock absorbent (foam rubber, silicone are the most common).
Lightweight to wear.
Better than normal insoles that are pout in shoes as standard as normal insoles are flat and do not offer any support.
Got any questions? Please comment below and ask!




Immoral drug company’s put profits first before peoples lives

Healthcare should be no matter who you are you should have the right to live. Healthcare should not be a business profits shouldn’t not come before peoples lives but even in the UK where the NHS is free people are being lifesaving drugs because of the cost, the nhs reasons is for keeping costs down so they can provide services to all… It is actually the big drug company’s that are elevating the prices because they can. Patenting the drugs they make means they have complete control of the prices of these drugs even if it doesn’t cost them that much to make. Patenting allows them to protect what they have created but you could argue that the knowledge they used to create the drugs is something that has been developed and belongs to human civilization… but most importantly putting profits before peoples lives is morally wrong what ever way you look at it…

Capitalism is what drives the innovation of these drugs, having to create new drugs and patent them before their competition.

Also If the drug company’s cannot patent their drugs then they simply would not make them as they would not be able to drive up the prices…

It says a lot about humankind as if there is no monetary incentive to create these drugs then these company’s would not want to create and save peoples lives..

It then it a good idea for  government owned healthcare systems and drug company that is about innovation of drugs and technology that helps the people for the sake of saving lives not for profits?

Do you agree or disagree with me? Do you believe government owned drug and health company’s create the same level of innovation as private owned ones or not? Comment below to share your thoughts

Why genetically modified food is bad for your health and effects the economy

What is genetically modified food?

Genetically modified food is food that has been altered on the genetic level giving the genes new properties that they otherwise would not have.

In the old days before additives, preservatives and processed food it was much easier to stay healthy, but thanks to globalization and the demand for cheap and affordable food that should be both healthy and cheap can you really trust what you are eating anymore?

Genetically modified food is just one example of food that has been modified to add or take away properties of the food at a genetic level. Reasons for genetically modifying food could be to enhance taste, change appearance or lower calorie and fat count, but also for economic reasons such as they can be grown all year around, grow quicker thus cheaper to make equaling more profits.

Its been a good 28 years since genetically modified foods began, now in 2013 28 countries now cultivate genetically modified foods

There is a lot of debate whether genetically modified food is good for us? Can eating GM food put our health at risk? That what some scientists are trying to find out.

Health effects of genetically modified foods

The risks to a persons health from eating GM foods is not known, we simply don’t know what the long effects are on eating a diet full of genetically modified foods. Tampering with genes that we do not know fully about could cause mutations and disease in the food that could pass on to us.

Another reason why genetically modified foods is that it can destroy genetic diversity in the species of animal or crop.

When Genetically modified foods where first grown it was thought to be the answer to the worlds hunger crisis, however it could mean the complete opposite. When you grow genetically modified crops you reduce the genetic pool, species need diverse genes to make them stronger to cope under different conditions and diseases by reducing the diversity you weaken the genes meaning the crops unable to cope under famine, new strains of disease, fungus or other environmental factors.
Many genetically modified crops will often pollinate with normal crops resulting in the whole genes of the entire species being weakened.

Some scientific studies have been conducted, showing genetically modified crops do effect health. Rats were fed GM potatoes the result show that some of the rats showed signs of chronic wasting and the offspring of the rats were stunted and weaker than they should be.

As I mentioned above about the weakened genetics of GM crops, this results in more pesticides and herbicides and fungicides being used on the crops these chemicals are very bad for your health.

In america GM foods are not even labelled so if you are living in America you will have no idea what food is normal and which has been genetically modified and could be potentially bad for your health.

Why GM Foods effect the Economy

The biotech manufactures are growing and making more genetically modified foods as it allows them to patent new techniques thus allowing complete control over the food market.
Biotech company’s are one of the worst capitalists, with underhand tactics and immorality these biotech company’s have been for years been selling seeds to third world countries like Africa that are sterile and are only good for one season helping them to control the food market and increase profits in these countries. Even in the western world Biotech firms have been suing small farmers when there own patented seeds would blow over to a neighboring field owned by another farmer.

How can you trust these firms when they don’t care about your health only their profits?

Which is why the way genetically modified food can be patented and how the these big firms are controlling the food supply it wont be long until we are all eating this kind of food where a single entity controls the whole of the worlds food supply pushing the prices as high as they can.

The best thing you can do is either grow your own food… or be 100% sure what you are eating is organic!

What do you think about the health and economic effects or genetically modified food? Do you think its right that in America they dont label the food that is Genetically modified?