Economics is not a science! So speculative investment is wrong!

There is no real science behind economics, only the study of human behavior that drives economics. This means fundamentally analysis can mean nothing if “something” happens either to spook the crowd into a different economic path or even changing morality of a population can also change economics these factors cannot be calculated therefore making economics a unpredictable phenomenon. It is possible to calculate or make predictions on environmental factors that may alter the course of economics but sometimes even environmental factors can be unpredictable like for instance environmental disasters that come out of nowhere rocking economics stability and none knows how the people will react to the disaster either…

Culture is constantly changing (some say progressing but that totally depends on who is saying so…) influenced by situation, religion  and it is culture that is something that influences human behavior. So does this actually make it impossible for economics to be a science? I say this because the results of scientific experiments must be the same each time you do the experiment but with unpredictability of culture and human behavior surely the results will not be the same each time.

You can make rational decisions as to what will be the consequences and how people would react to decisions you make but with so many conflicts of a opinions and the fact that a economic decision will negatively effect at least something then there will be always be conflict and differences of opinions? Sometimes the negative effects of a economic decision wont be seen for years to come and only then will people think the decision was a bad one.. often some people will think the decision is morally wrong whereas other will thinks its morally right depending on their religious and cultural background. Can you really make a accurate calculation to peoples reactions?

So if this is the case that economics cannot be calculated why do we let other use economics as though it can. In the past you could only buy what you could afford… but in today’s economic world where lending and speculative investments has meant people can now make trades in the future right now. This means that people can simply make trades of resources that they dont simply have but because these non existent assets have value on the computer then all is well. Even though in the future the accessibility of these resources could be restricted or even non existent in the future. Speculative investments are simply immoral and based on gambling but the bankers will always win because as far as they are concerned the trade they made months or years ago in no longer their problem… and it is up to the workers to to deliver their promise thus squeezing the suppliers to deliver based on their greed to make a investment to gain profit straight away in the past regardless of the consequences or impact on others in the future.

Surely confidence in the false promises will die? or will this madness continue and the greed of the bankers will ever increase, squeezing the rest of us even further whilst they live in future.

Capatlism is a trap

Capitalism is all about the now… profits and short term gain with no thought of sustainability and for the next generation…. Need more workers import more foreign workers… dont bother training young people…

Capitalism is a illusion and a trap set up by the upper class to secure their wealth and power by  getting as much money as possible. Why capitalism is a trap is simple, it creates the lie that one can become rich from hard work (but more and more we are seeing from the rich that this is untrue) whilst promoting greed which normal people cannot escape. Capitalism creates a greedy world and it becomes impossible to break free from the ties of capitalism because even if you choose to live unselfishly and help others it will become impossible for you to survive as the rest of society is run selfishly making it near impossible for regular people to survive and share their wealth because nowadays because of of capitalism squeezing the lower and middle classes means that to survive one simply cannot spare money to help others.. it is a sad truth.

Capitalism is fundamentally all about luck, gambling and greed. You are lucky if you are born in the upper class, you are lucky if you can get the best job, capitalism isn’t about working hard its about trading what you haven’t got, squeezing as much money and profits as you can without thought about the others on the other side. As we can see with the banks today its about gambling with other peoples livelihoods and money.. if the gamble pays off great more money for the banks if it doesn’t work out who cares its only other peoples money and the government will simply bail out the bank anyway.

The upper class parasites at the top shouldn’t be rich… they dont do all the hard work.. they simply print money and work in numbers gambling with the rest of society’s money…. whilst the majority of people work hard but dont own anything anymore because the rich have created a world of borrowing…. ANOTHER illusion of capitalism is get something now paying later but this comes at a cost of you not actually owning any assets yourself and having to pay off debts for the rest of your life to the banks who own you… what created this was inflated prices created by the banks… you see its okay for the banks to be capitalists but not the rest of society.

Modern day Slavery

The banks want to own you. Independence no longer exists in the modern era.. the capitalist elite own just about everything from land to natural resources like oil. This has been the case since civilization began. Right through history the poor have served the rich as their slaves the only difference between now and then is that people are no longer called slaves but we still are just with better living standards. We are still slaves that serve the rich.. but we just dont know it. The banks have made it so and the government by making it a must to have a mortgage that is impossible for you to repay… they own you and all your assets.

Today’s culture that has been created by the media is a buy it now one… and with the house price bubble which the government helps to inflate means that it is virtually impossible for you to save up for a few years and then buy a nice house with your savings… making you have to get a mortgage to buy a house. Mortgages since the recession began have super high interest rates making your whole life one big struggle to pay off the mortgage as if you dont you will lose everything.

If all your earnings are going towards your mortgage and not other things and other assets which you can buy and own it helps protect the wealth of the elite! And this is partly why the recession exists to the elite are merely protecting their own wealth by creating a stagnant economy.

This is modern slavery. The real truth is that you are not free and never have been.

The government isn’t working for you they are against you they are working with the elite to help this order of modern slavery.. which only helps the rich get richer.

Youth unemployment, exploitation, stubbornness and irony

In the UK the youth unemployment figures stand at more than 20% (in Greece its more than 50%) but why? are there really that few jobs? or is it that big company’s would rather you work for free?

Youth unemployment the contradiction of capitalism, Why is it that capitalism is all about development, bringing in new ideas to improve efficiency and increase profits and doing-in with the old that doesn’t work anymore, consumers want fresh ideas how can a company be competitive if they cannot think of the new ideas they need if they don’t have fresh motivated young people thinking of them (especially if you are selling to young people, young people obviously know what the young people of today want)… Yet unemployment is so high? It is ironic.


It’s all about job security of those in charge of these company’s they don’t want people taking their jobs, plus why pay people that could potentially take your jobs later on when you could simply get cheap or free labor from these people with the excuse that people need work experience even with the most simple of jobs…

It is all about who you know not what you know this is fact when it comes to looking for a job, if you do not know anybody who is in management say goodbye to your hopes of actually finding a worthwhile job if you are young in the UK and say hello to hopeless job or maybe not even that with excuses aplenty of how work experience is key and the rising number of apprenticeships in stacking shelves and making coffee, so working for free or a small wage is becoming more common place. The fact is that there is no real job at the end of these pointless exercises that only benefit the rich business with free or cheap labor… the point is if someone is going to employ you they wouldn’t make you do this in the first place.

Don’t count on the government to help the young people of the UK, after all the UK governments attitude towards unemployment is that all unemployed people are lazy. Plus if people are doing these apprenticeships and working for free it keeps the unemployment figures down.

The irony is that businesses in the UK are being crushed by foreign businesses simply because the development of UK business are stagnant all because the people in charge are to stubborn to accept new young people to help lift the company with new ideas whereas in America they are less stubborn… And its not like if these foreign company’s come to the UK we will see more good jobs being created far from it as the management and innovation happens in the country the business is from… we will just be doing the rubbish.

What the government should do?

Rather than letting the youth of today be exploited by big company’s using them as a source of free labor the government should focus on making it easier for young people to team up together and make their own business. Reducing VAT taxes, make the royal mail cheaper (It actually costs less for people in china to send product here to the UK than it does for you in the UK to send packages to places here in the UK)… grants to help you start up your business there are so many things that the government could do but…

What are your thoughts?

Is Capitalism evil or just society?

In this post I will be addressing the issues of whether or not capitalism is evil or is it just society that is evil.

Capitalism is meant to be a free market where everyone has the opportunity to become rich. But this is not necessary true if a coercive monopoly controls the market.
Monopoly’s will step on small businesses and destroy all competition how ever they can without a second thought.

Capitalism in the end results in monopoly’s making the concentration of wealth being around the rich owners of the monopoly’s, more and more people eventually having to pack in their businesses which they may have been running for years before the giant monopoly came along and ruined their livelihood and having to then maybe even then having to find a low wage job within these big monopoly that destroyed their own business…. how is this a freedom if you are just under the control of one super monopoly?

Its the greed that fuels the capitalism fire that is to blame.. is it Capitalism’s fault or is society to blame?

Basing self worth on material possessions is something common in all of us today in the modern world. Judging our very existence and happiness on how much our material possessions are worth and coveting other materials possessions that we do not have regardless of whether if we had that possession it would improve our lives or not is something that drives the capitalist economy.
Greed, the false perception that being rich brings happiness and the democratic illusion that if you work hard “you too can be just as successful and rich” helps drive the economy as people work according to these beliefs, the truth is that working hard does not equal success, riches or happiness. It however can have the totally opposite effect.

The aspiration to become rich can distract you and make you neglect what is really important in life.

The sickening thing is that the rich have trapped regular people, the economy has become so that there is no longer such thing as a comfortable job… you must work and slave away to secure your job and to survive. So even if you do not want to be “rich” there are no easy going job which ties you over, helps you survive and gives you enough time to do the things you want to do and be happy anymore…
There is always now the worry of money problems, bills to pay and the threat of the banking vultures taking your home away. This is the sad truth of society and the economy today and how despite whether you want to be rich or just happy the already rich are ruining lives and denying people lives.

Remember capitalism is all about the survival of the greediest, whether you want to be part of it or not capitalism is a system that makes the majority work for the minority rich.. making the poor slave away denying the poor life where the rich live in mansions and go on holidays in 6 star hotels. But this does not mean that just because the rich are living in a materialistic rich life are happy.

We must all try to focus on what is important in life and not focus on material gain this would collapse the capitalist system and bring equality to the world.

There still is greed and selfishness in communist regimes.
Why communism fails in many countries is laziness and lack of incentive to work hard but again this is just the same as capitalism, greed and selfishness.

What needs to change is for people to be less greedy and have more of a willingness to help others. But I guess this is asking for the impossible or is it not society as a whole which is selfish but the rich narcissists in the top 0.5% who own and control the vast majority of the worlds assets and the the rest of society just go along with capitalism…?


We all have to pay tax despite how much we want to or not it is part of the law and keeps the country going, helping with our health services and other vital things we need in our country. So why is it that transnational company’s like that of Google and Starbucks are avoiding tax? Why are these big company’s avoiding paying due tax?

Tax evasion is illegal, but tax avoidance is not… these greedy  cooperation are not happy with making BILLIONS each year whilst millions starve and live in poverty across the world. So these big cooperation’s are looking for any loophole they can to try to legally avoid tax… it maybe legal but it is not moral.

Tax may seem wrong but it is the only way for a country to help the poor as the rich would obviously not donate any of there riches

Google for example is getting advertising clients in the UK, but sealing the deal in Ireland where the tax is cheaper despite all the work being done in the UK.

What the government should do

Unfortunately here in the UK  our government seems to be unwilling to do anything about this problem, when the answer is simple BLOCK THESE COOPERATION FROM DOING BUSINESS IN THE UK!

It is a simple and easy way to not only send out a message to other big cooperation’s to stop avoiding tax but it also paves the way for other local business to thrive too.

Local cafes will no longer have to compete against Starbucks, local advertisement agency’s will also no longer compete under google monopoly.

The government should make ISP providers block google, by disabling access to google is the only answer to stop THE google monopoly in the UK that doesn’t stretch to advertisement but the whole online commerce sector as well (plenty of other editors here on berkeleybubble have posted about this).

Similar action is taken on smaller businesses so why not the big ones? Is our government simply scared of these big company’s or is it that its on the internet so its a global problem and not theirs?

The tax these company’s are avoiding is in the millions, it is morally wrong but because this tax avoidance also gives these cooperation a financial edge over other company’s that don’t have the resource to go abroad to avoid the tax then this helps boost their monopoly and this is something the government should not ignore.


This will help promote economic growth and help local businesses that do not avoid tax.






John Edwards Releases Tax Plan

Edwards announced a new tax plan today that calls for relief for the poor and repealing the Bush tax cut for the super-rich:



These are all good ideas, but here’s an additional one the Edwards campaign should seriously consider. How about exempting the first $27,000 (or whatever is considered the poverty line) of household income from any federal taxes, while raising the tax on millionaires to a flat 50% tax on income of one million or more? (The latter part of this idea was proposed by someone in the youtube debate). And how about making the tax code more progressive by making rent and groceries tax-deductable?

It’s the folks at the very bottom of the income ladder, not the wealthiest, who need real reductions in their tax burden.

Yunus Wins Nobel Prize for Microfinance in Bangladesh: How to Really Win the War on Terror

An economist from Bangladesh, Muhammad Yunus, won the Nobel Prize for economics for his pioneering work in the area of microfinance loan today.

Yunus’ Grameen Bank has successfully been loaning peasant farmers and others in Bangladesh and worldwide small loans of $200 to enable them to start small businesses or buy vital farm supplies, amont other things:


Kudos to the Nobel Committee and Mr. Yunus. Efforts like these are not as glamorous as the high-profile invasion of Iraq or search for Bin Laden (still looking…), but they are, IMHO, the key to fighting poverty, promoting economic development, and ultimately quelling the vast social inequalities that fuel terrorism.

Yunus is credited for starting a microfinance revolution worldwide:


But here’s the most amazing part of all of this:


Truly amazing stuff. In a world where most of the news reported by the MSM is dark, dreary, depressing, and violent, this is refreshing news.