Is the western involvement in the wars in the middle east just for economic reasons?

The western involvement in the middle east has been going on for a long time and still more conflicts are being found and created! The truth is the whole point of these wars isn’t to create stability and bring peace a mere power struggle to control the middle east and its oil. The fighting in the middle east is nothing more than a economic tactic!¬† Politicians will use discourse highlighting the suffering of the middle eastern people to tug at the heart string of its citizens and to encourage backing and support from its people that intervention is the morally right thing to do.¬† Images of powerful dictators with the power to destroy are created by the politicians and the media…”weapons of mass destruction” to the new “chemical weapons in Syria” create paranoia fueling the fire that war is the only solution.

But what the politicians are telling you and what the media is trying to fill your minds with is propaganda and lies. There are plenty of other countries that are suffering much worse fates than in the middle east at the moment.. from genocides and ruthless dictatorships in third world countries but these countries and people do not matter to the west because going to war with the dictators there will not have any economic rewards…. so these countries are ignored.¬†Somalia has a huge problem with al queda and terroism many thousands in this country are suffering and die each day but little is said on the media about Somalia and even though Somalia is one of the number 1 training grounds for Al queda the west cant be bothered and doesn’t want to get involved with Somalia. Is this because somalia is not economically benificailly to the west or is there another even more sinister answer that Al queda or in Pakistan the Taliban are not the real targets in the middle east but the countries that are getting in the way of oil plans and the Wests greed for oil like Iran and Syria?


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