Plutocracy destroying democracy. Who does the government really represent?

Plutocracy is threatening democracy but what causes plutocracy and is plutocracy the only threat to democracy?

It is a question that many of us want to know.. Who does the government really represent the poor or the rich? In the United kingdom the large majority of MP’s are from well off backgrounds, brought up in the rich affluent areas (London, Cambridge, Oxford) socializing only with the elite of society living a life of luxury a far cry away to that of others in the same country living in relative poverty. Call me jealous if you want but it isn’t down to hard work or determination that they gained these privileged lives many where simply born into them. Many from the same aristocrat family’s that once ruled over London in Charles Dickens day.

So why did these politicians become politicians in the first place? To help the poor? to represent the people that they have had no integration with before? or to secure their wealth and position in society? Being a member of parliament gives you great control and power, from decision making to the passing of laws.

With the great influence these politicians have on the running of the country who do they really serve? Their buddies or the majority’s that threaten their wealth and security?

It costs a lot to run a campaign in the elections, the government cannot simply use the public’s money but they need to get it from somewhere… donations from others is the main way they do this. This begs the question as to why and who would give the political party’s its cash… donations aren’t bribes but they carry great influence and could actually tie down the political party to who ever is giving them their donations.

A big company could choose to give donations to political party’s that favor their company or even their monopoly (such as laws, which will positively effect their business) this will then give more exposure and give that political party a better campaign than others increasing their chances of winning the election.

Something you also must ask yourself is would a political party really take action towards a cooperation or company who where doing something untoward if that company was the political party’s main source of donations?

Democracy is about fairness and equality giving everyone a equal opportunity to succeed, but plutocracy caused by the concentration of wealth around the top 1% has changed this and has resulted in the stagnation of social mobility too.

Plutocracy allows for big company’s and monopoly’s¬† to have great political influences that can impact others and destroy democracy all together.¬†Plutocracy has the power to silence any other rising political party’s that are not corrupt…. with connections in the media the big monopoly’s can easily create negative or just non existent publicity for other political party’s.
So even voting for others is not a option anymore either because who do you vote for? There are three major political party’s in the UK (Conservatives, Labour, and Lib dems).. the choice of only three party’s, three views is hardly a democratic.. and that is if you are even saying that the three party’s have different views to begin with.

Plutocracy has been around for along time and until a non greedy politician comes along who really does represent the people then politicians will be just employees of the vast trans national cooperation that really control the country.


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  1. The plutocrats have made voting even more pointless now… area rigging secures politicians places.. plutocracy just puts in a few more nails in the democratic coffin.

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