Get healthy America!

Other countries mock Americans for being obese and when you look at the figures it is quite easy to see why. American should stop being so lazy and start being more active and at least do some form of exercise. Maybe it is the affluent lifestyle of Americans or maybe we just do not encourage healthy living as much as we should at a young age. More and more Americans are suffering from obesity because of modern day life. America is the biggest economy in the world and with this comes affluence and a cushy lifestyle that has meant we have had a unlimited supply of food. What causes this?Affluence and laziness is what is to be blamed for this but also the modern lifestyle means that many are working office jobs.. Americas economy is ran by people sat in front of computers. The vast majority of Americans have office jobs meaning that they must sit in front of a screen each day hardly moving… as they are so busy as well and the fact that fast food restaurants are at every corner means that Americans will not bother with eating healthy foods either… its far more convenient to eat unhealthy after all healthy food takes too long to prepare right? Wrong eating and even exercise each day can be done a lot faster and easier than most Americans believe and changing the attitude towards healthy living and just how easy it is will help solve the obesity pandemic here in America. Obesity can cause a lot of health problems and causes a great strain on our health services.. it has been a topic that politicians have debated for years yet still America is still fat…. Running, sports exercise should be encouraged at a young age which will help promote a healthy lifestyle and a active one in later life but isn’t.. politicians should really focus more on changing the way peoples attitude is toward healthy living before (if not already) it becomes a devastating problem to America. Currently I don’t want be like a American pig so I decided to start running but being the enrd that I am I just had to join a running forum..(joined this runners world forum) makes me think with forums to do with fitness if the people there actually do any exercise or they just advise and criticize on forums all day.

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