Seo in sheffield quite unfair!

You have loads of different obstacles in seo which can really get in your way and stop you from making any money on the internet like duplicate content issue which you can read about here… simply if some one scrape your website content and the search engines think that the scraper site are the original publishers and you copied your content of them you may face a penalty even if you have not done anything wrong. I have a small seo business that mainly helps out small businesses in Sheffield get ranked on Google for targeted keywords.. usually these guys from Sheffield are mostly wanting to get customers who are from Sheffield and not some far out place, that being the case we usually have to do seo for these guys by targeting Sheffield keywords and even though you wouldn’t think targeting keywords for a city like Sheffield would be difficult as surely there would not be that much competition but you would be wrong.. You are not really up against a small local businesses but your are up against huge authority websites in the search engines like yelp, ebay and amazon… This is quite unfair and makes our job a lot harder… These big websites do not come from Sheffield or have any links to Sheffield they may simply be ranking in the top spots purely because they may mention the keyword Sheffield on the page… the keyword may just appear once but google will see this and above all other small and relevant businesses will rank these garbage results above all other websites. Seo has turned into a game of not trying to get a site to rank at number 1 but just visible in the search results now.. google and other search engines have made it increasingly difficult for any small time local website to rank… Small businesses are instead looking to sites like yelp or doing their selling on sites like amazon and ebay because these guys are dominant in the search results and wont no matter what you do you cannot overtake them no matter how great your website it! Ironically if google and the other search engines continue down this path of only ranking huge websites that folks have already know then it wont be long until people start scrapping google and search engines all together… Who ever thought of this idea to rank huge websites in replace of small local businesses has got to be a real moron. Small businesses dont know seo and dont have the resources or money to invest in seo either making it super hard for a small business to compete online… try searching for something like Sheffield plumber or Sheffield *insert whatever* and you will see exactly what I am talking about…. the results are hardly helpful at all the results are rather humorous really but then again it is no joke that google and other search engines are destroying small businesses and wiping them from off the map entirely…. Google and the others dont want small businesses to rank its in their best interest if they dont as it means that these small businesses MUST buy ads instead…! (Other friends I have in Sheffield have also stressed how seo and how seo is changing and not for the better.

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