How to get more confidence! dont give up!

Confidence is really important it stop you from giving up and being a failure.
We all need some confidence to help stop us from being failures. Confidence will help drive our lives and give us the attitude and go to not give up and strive to be the best! We should all have confidence in ourselves because we all have the potential to be the best at something we just have to find out what we are good at and what are our talents and work on them.. Some people are good at sports and some aren’t.. some people are good at art and some people cannot draw at all… Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the best sportsmen… not everyone is good at sports so dont let this destroy your confidence it just means that you are really good at something else you just need to find out what!Or you could look at it in another way.. everyone is born equal so everyone has the same abilities to do whatever it is they want to do the only difference is though that some people have more confidence at doing certain things than other people meaning they are better than others… So if you are going to look at it like that you can achieve just about anything as long as you have the confidence to make you do it.

Other people will try and put you down or stop you because we live in a capitalist society and people are just evil like that but dont let this put you down.. PEOPLE WANT THAT! INSTEAD MAKE THIS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND YOU AND ASPIRE TO BE BETTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE..because you already are.. whereas people boost their own confidence by knocking people back you strive to be the best by being the best at what your good at.. a far better talent then them just putting people down all the time. Don’t care what other people think either… this is the number one reasons s to why man people lack confidence. You are you and unique (atheists will try and tell you otherwise) but believe in your self and life and you will go very far…leaving the dull saddos behind to fight amongst themselves with their petty arguments which in the bigger picture dont really mean a thing. The world is a big place and their for YOU to explore! Meeting new people.. doing things that you want to do and are good at will all help boost your confidence and make you enjoy life… The key to getting more confidence is not to worry about not having confidence and to just enjoy life to the full. Finding out what you are good at is all apart of life and can be fun… play sports.. if your not good at one sport you maybe good at a different sport. Some people are painters some are photographers or singers!
Sometimes listening to music or finding inspiration some how can help boost your confidence aswell.. helping to make the world seem a better and more fulfilling place with opportunities that are in your reach! It may not always be music that may inspire you but can be sometimes from the most unexpected of places but something to remember is that inspiration isn’t something can summoned on demand otherwise it wouldn’t be very inspiring now would it? I hope this article has inspired you and remember you have the potential to do what ever you want just have confidence!

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