Seo (search engine optimization) something that millions of online business rely on to get search traffic is now dead.. well it is on google that is. It is not that google has gotten better at reducing spam on their search results (spammers now create churn and burn website to rank quickly with thousands of spam links and then quickly replace with another once google penalizes the site).. and that’s why seo is now I think dead. It the way google goes about trying to reduce spam on the search engine that has caused seo to be a wild goose chase only big huge brands can do. Here are a few reasons why I think seo is now dead and why.

Random spam links pointing to your website. If you do seo you may have heard of negative seo, where a competitor creates hundreds of spam links to your website to get it penalized in google. But have you heard of this…. Random spam links pointing to your website through software to make spammers articles look more natural? Confused? Let me explain. Spammers are now using random urls scraped from the search engines to place randomly in their articles… why? To try and fool the search engines. This means that just being on the search engines for a keyword whether you are ranking number 1 or number 101 (when you probably do not have that many good back links) could mean that you website starts being linked to on these ultra spammy articles on spam websites. Over time these links will soon pile up and dominate your link profile… meaning a penalty is just around the corner just for ranking in the search engines.

Negative seo.. Negative seo is more effective than ever before. As google penalizes more and more website for “unnatural links” all your competitors need to do if you dont have millions of good quality links is spam spam spam your website everywhere they can.

Big brands… Even if you are lucky enough to survive you will never get to number 1 because amazon.. ebay, Wikipedia, yelp or (insert super brand here) will dominate the top places no matter how well you do seo.

Don’t think about giving up and trying ppc either you will be just up against huge super brand there too… bidding away all of your profits.

You cannot win! But at least google is destroying itself as a search engine by just showing huge brands that everyone has already heard of before… meaning google is pointless if you already know what is going to show up.

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