Does using seo software work?

Seo is mind numbingly boring and tedious… writing superficial articles one after the other like a robot, creating links on many different websites (Only for the website owners of those website to delete you work and link). But seo bots will not help with your automation and can lead to your site being hit hard by the google penguin or panda updates because google does not like automation despite the fact that google is one of the biggest automated systems in the world and also ironically relies on automation to detect automation. Google’s view is that automated content is simply bad content… and the truth is much of it is. We have many seo programs now that will help you automate link building and even software which will write articles for you… but the links these programs build and the articles they write are useless and bad for seo. Firstly let me point out that link building tools only have a limited number of sites to submit to (even if they scrape lists form search engines) this means that you will be posting your websites on loads of websites that have been spammed by loads of other people… meaning the links you build wont be coming from high valued websites but from just rubbish spam website which the search engines dont value at all and know are spam and the websites that they link to are spam (you are making the search engines lives a lot easier) and it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of these links pointing to your website remember these websites have zero value… 0+0=0 (or its only a matter of time till the search engine pick up websites that are being spammed and give them zero value).

Articles created by automation is no better. Yes search engine bots cannot read context and it is questionable if search engine bots can actually follow grammatical rules since language changes, adapts and is written differently according to many different factors. But search engines can detect duplicate content. And these programs work with duplicate content to create your articles. Seo content tools work b scraping article directories and other sources for text… this text is then mixed up, words replaced and swapped around with other scraped text from other articles. This sounds like it should work but you must remember that these articles are being scraped mixed up and swapped around by many many different seo’s using the same tool as you and chances are that your “unique” article you got from your program has been made and used before… if not in its entirety then its parts.

Seo is all about uniqueness and the vast majority of seo tools on the market today do not create unique content or links that have not already been used by spammers that have already been penalized by spammers.

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