Privatisation of the Royal Mail

The privatisation of the Royal Mail, is just another greedy exploit from the conservatives and plutocrats. The Privatisation of the Royal Mail does little to benefit the vast majority of citizens here in the UK.. much the opposite in fact, as I will explain now. The whole point of privatizing the royal mail isn’t to help the general public reap the rewards of the huge sale of this very English company but to help boost the bank accounts of the rich friends of the conservatives. We are already hearing how the royal mail shares have been sold of very cheaply (to whom? the average working person? I think not!) And how huge foreign company’s have been quick to grab their bargain shares in huge chunks. It has been English taxes that has helped build the Royal mail yet foreign company’s are now reaping the rewards and profits from the royal mail that has been built up through years and years of hard work and dedication from English people. Now all that hard work will simply not go to the English but rich foreigners in other countries. The government should not have put the royal mail on the stock market there really was no need.. the royal mail was doing well and one of the few nationally owned company’s that was making money for our country! But the greedy plutocrats wanted their money now and so the government agreed… without a care about our country. The conservative really do not care about the UK at all…. they are only in politics to make money and to help out their rich friends! What will the conservative privatize next? Our health services maybe? The poor paying the rich for the right to live… yep that sounds like something the conservatives (tories) would want.

As always we had no vote on the the privatisation of the Royal Mail… because as always the politics do not respect the peoples views and ALWAYS know best… well they will do what suits them at least.

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