Google update Penguin 2.1 announced

Has there been a recent google update? Have you seen your website drop recently from the search results? Well… there has been a link based update to google algo.. IT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!

It has been officially been announced that google’s penguin 2.1 is rolling out. Already the serps are fluctuating and going wild… With some sites disappearing entirely and being replaced by yet more amazon.. ebay and youtube results. From forum discussion and talk the hardest hit website are those who are small niche website and not big brands. It maybe just me but now when I search for something I am getting very unrelated pages from big brand website all because they mention the keyword used on the page. This update has not made the serps better but more irrelevant and defeats the objective of searching if all the results are just website you already know about. Many seo’s and webmasters are saying how their good quality websites have been totally ruined by this update.. but remember this update isn’t about website quality but link quality… Something that you are not always in control of (negative seo).

If you are confused about what penguin looks at to determine where your website should be here are a few pointers:

Link anchor diversity (this is very important a natural link profile should have a mixture of diverse anchors that are not all just the keyword that you are targeting)

Links from un penalized website either from penguin or panda

Where your links are coming from… if obvious link wheel or network

Relevant links… in context and designed for users and not search engine bots

Many seo’s will be speculating what has changed and why websites are being penalized by this update. Websites that I have noticed that have survived the update are

(With all of these google updates going on should webmasters look for better and more reliable ways to get real web traffic? I think so…)

How is your website after this recent update? Improved? lost out? the same?

9 thoughts on “Google update Penguin 2.1 announced

  1. You would think that this would be good news say in the health niche which is dominated by spam websites offering people dangerous health advise… but the truth is that youtube spam is on the up that is dominating the serps now…..

  2. My website have not moved at all but all my competition has disappeared and been replaced by hundreds of amazon and ebay listings……. amazon ebay are everywhere now…… one after the other… Google is making itself redundant and pointless.. The whole point of search is to find something you dont already know about… just pointing to big website which everybody knows about defeats the objective of search in my books.

  3. Iv lost count of how penguin updates we have gotten.. 1.. 2 and now 2.1 hmmm well i darent check my website rankings to see if i still exist on google or not. (Iv not really even made any money anyway from google since the last penguin update LOL) THEY MAKE ME SICK!

  4. How obvious is it that google hates small businesses and doesnt want them on their serps at all…… they want them in the adverts above the serps! Making it harder and harder for small businesses to compete in the serps means they if they want to succeed online and be seen need to invest in adwords! With adwords these small businesses can bid all their hard earned profits away! Stupid penguin update’s not for spam at all…… it is designed solely for more $$ for google!

    • I gotta agree with you pual, the updates do nothing to improve search relevance just make more big super brands like amazon and ebay far more dominant.. whereas small website which may focus primarily on the search query are being thrown so to speak into the bin even though they offer what the searcher needs…. These google penguin updates have nothing to do with links. big authority websites have huge link networks and what would be considered spammy links yet nothing is done to penalize them.

  5. I have a small healthy living website which doesn’t sell anything or even trys to make any money.. I just blog for fun (I know that must sound alien). For the last couple of updates my health website had been doing just fine but after this one i cannot find it anywhere for any of the keyword i once had…. Well there goes my traffic. I Still do not know what had happened to my website and how/why its been penalized like this… I haven’t built any spammy links to it.. only a few from my other blogs i have created. I have noticed though that i was getting quite a few spam links that some one else was creating for me.. eg negative seo…. basically the anchor text was random characters and posted on spammy guestbooks and blog comments……. these links where all directed at one page about knee injuries or something. I guess that page got quite high up in the serps and someone didnt like that.. (Wouldn’t have thought knee injuries would have been that lucrative for some one to spam me like that but i guess i got in some spammers way) Thats the only thing i could think of.

    • Hi adam im james one of the editors here on berkeleybubble, Yes consirdering that this was update designed at analyzing points linking to your website google probably didnt like those spammy negative seo links pointing to your site. Unfortunately the internet is awash with negative seo’s trying to derank other peoples websites.. even berkeleybubble’s website has been targeted in the past. Im sorry to hear that your website didnt survive.. It is quite sickening to hear that a genuine health website has been taken down by a money grabbing spammer and most likely the results will soon fill up with garbage as the spammers move in while the genuine websites disappear… What are your plans with your website are you planning on continuing it or packing it in?

      • My plans are to just carry on as like nothing has happened as i got most of my traffic from social networks anyway.. its just annoying that i will be losing search engine traffic fro something that wasnt my fault… oh well 🙂

  6. My website is more or less gone thanks to this update. But the serps that have replaced my website are a absolute joke lol! All the results now are just full of youtube videos and other garbage which isnt helpful to searchers at all!

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