WordPress 404 error when posting or editing

Recently Berkeley bubble has been having major problems with 404 error’s… nothing the followers and readers of this blog have got to worry about just errors that has made it annoyingly hard and time consuming to post on Berkeley bubble. The errors came about when publishing a post… for some reason wordpress (the cms platform that we use) was showing 404 errors every time we tried to publish or update a post. These errors have meant instead of using wordpress to publish stuff we have had to go into the mysql database and add posts directly through their instead. We may have found a fix to this problem.. simply changing permalinks from day and name back to default. We think what may have happened was a problem with a permalinks plugin we have installed here on Berkeley bubble and the permalink settings not being set as default either. We are currently unsure whether this will solve the problem or not that is partly why we are posting this message to test whether or not we have fixed the problem or not… hopefully it will have solved it.. if not back to the drawing board. The real confusing thing about all of this is that we can publish small messages on Berkeley bubble without any problems but anything over a couple hundred words we start seeing these 404 errors.

If you have any suggestions of what is causing these 404’s please comment below! Thanks. (Iv dealt with loads of wordpress website before and this is the first time this has happened).

Update: By the looks of things it look as though this has done the trick… I dont want to speak to soon though as we haven’t tested out publishing a larger post yet.

(This error could also be caused by mod security as well being turned on which isnt something you can solve by your self but needs to be solved through your webhost.)

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