Search engine optimization (seo) basics


This is a simple and easy to understand guide for those who are just starting out doing SEO or for those who have forgotten stuff and want to refresh their memory. As this guide progresses what we talk about will get more and more advanced. Scroll down if you aren’t bothered about the very basics and want a fresh and unique insight into SEO.

Lets start from the beginning shall we.. what does SEO stand for… Search engine optimization is what it stands for and is the process of making your website more trusted by the search engines and appear higher in the search results as a result of many different seo tactics both on your website (on page) and from links pointing to your website (off page).

The difference between on page and off page are quite different but a website linking to your with good on page will mean off page that link for you is good!

On page

When the internet first started, and search engines started to pop up all over the internet on page factors where the most used ways to find what searchers where looking for, however internet technology was still young and search engines where easily fooled with methods such as keyword stuffing and cloaking tricking the search engines into thinking that a webpage was what searchers where looking for when in actually fact it wasnt at all. Since then Search engines have come up with many different ways at determining whether a webpage is suitable and should be displayed to searcher or not. Search engines such as Google have created updates like the Google panda update that specially analyzes webpages looking at on page factors like:

keyword density to check whether a webpage has a natural keyword density or if the webpage is practicing keyword stuffing. Keyword density is used to determine also the relevancy of the website to the search query.

Original content? This is quite important as a search engine is of no use if all the search results read the same… It is also important that the original author is shown above scrapers and content rippers. Many spam sites are auto blogs that scrape other people content automatically and publish it as their own.

Thin website and content? A thin website which hasn’t got much content and or webpages on it isnt any good and is a sign that the website mayn’t be as good as say a website with lots of content especially about the chosen query. A thin website can also be a sign that the website is simply a affiliate advertisement site which hasn’t had much effort put into it.

Page speed and downtime of the website It is of no good to searchers if the search engine displays a bunch of slow or even down websites. Slow website will effect user experience of the website and considering search engine want to give searchers with the best results possible with the best user experiences then slow loading websites are out of the question (unless they tick all the other boxes search engines want). Down website, well that is quite self explanatory really…

Too many adverts… A website that has more adverts on it than information tells search engine that the main purpose of the website is to make money from the users and not provide good information which will help the users find what they are looking for. For this reason search engines will check to see how many adverts a webpage or site has in relation to content and whether the adverts are intrusive or not.

Where the website is hosted… Sometimes just being hosted on a bad shared webhost can be enough to wreck your seo! Search engine will check you web hosting IP and if it is considered a spam ip your website maybe effected. It is by far easier for search engines to blacklist whole ips and websites on those ips than individual websites. So if there are spammy website that share your ip then you are in trouble as being seen as a spam website too even if you are not.

Link to bad neighbourhood sites? Are you linking to bad neighbourhood websites? Sites search engines think of as low value spam that might be practising blackhat or giving people malware? If so you may find a penalty coming your way as linking to bad websites isnt a good sign that your website can be trusted either.

Complete nonsense This is a tricky thing for search engine to determine, After all search engine are just computers and cannot read text or determine the context of the text. Language is also changing and uses of language and slang makes it impossible to devise a system to accurately determine whether something makes sense or not. This is why this off page factor is mostly dealt with by not a computer but by manual reviewers who will review content and will make up their own minds whether or not it is spam and or make sense or not.

Structure and layout of the website A good website design? Easy to navigate? This all effects user experience. Layout and site structure also helps search engine bots to discover all the different corners of your website.. the more easily they can do this the less chance they will miss something and see which pages are the most important this will help the search bots better able to understand what your website is about thanks to this.

Off page

Off page is what links to you… You don’t have any control what good or what bad website may link to you! You have got the ability to create good quality link yourself even though this is against search engine guidelines deterring your from link building.. but who’s to tell them? Right?

According to many search engines and their rule books link building to increase search engine rankings is against their terms… Getting found out by doing link building runs the risk of your site being penalized in the search engines or worse.. totally gotten rid of!

Ironically search engines use off page factors to determine the trust and authority of a website and where it should rank in the search engines, something that you have no control over the actual quality of your website and content! This is mainly because search engines going back to the off page factor I mentioned above that search engines cannot read and so cannot understand whether something is quality or not, meaning that the next best thing search engines can do is see what other websites link to the website and determine whether it is spam or not…. In the eyes of search engines a good high quality website will have good high quality natural links (acting as votes of recommendation toward the linked website).

There are various ways for search engine to filter the good links from the bad.

Irrelevant links

If many of your links are coming from webpages that have nothing to do with the linking website then search engines can safely say that the website must be spam or a link that is trying to game the search engines system and improve rank.

Links made for search engines and not users

All links pointing to your website should be made not to improve search engine rank but to help with seo are bad and quetions the reason why the website has linked to another website like this… is the webmaster being paid to link the website? Is this website run by the same person as the linked website?

Spam user generated links

From blog comments to forum spam, websites that other people can register on and post links can be abused either manually of with automation seo tools to automatically register and spam. Many black hat seo’s will use automated tools such as scrape box or gsa search engine ranker to make mass blog comments on auto approve blogs, forums, article directories, social networks or some other place where it is possible to submit a link. With blog comments spam comments will be quite generic and will be like:

Thanks for a really great post it really did help me loads the information is the best, now please go visit my website…

Quite notice able really, often though spammers will post to irrelevant blog posts meaning they are easy to catch. Article directories spam if used properly can be a bit harder to find for search engines. Things like duplicate content, footprints left that show up on the articles can all be used to see whether or not if a article directory post is real or not.

Link diversity from lots of different website

Having links from the same website, or same network of sites can be bad.

Anchor text diversity

Having a mix of anchor text which links use to link to your website shows that thwe website is more natural than say a website that has loads of the same exact match keyword anchor text for the keyword the website is wanting to rank for. It is a good sign showing that more than one person is linking to you.

Bad paid links

Sometimes webmasters can buy links off people, this can be quite problematic for search engines to decide whether who is buying or selling links. Usually link sellers have networks with which the search engines try to find and take down. Paid links have the aim of passing link juice (do follow links pass link juice.) Link juice is what gives a website authority. Sometimes paid links are easier to spot then others.. Advertorials are a example of paid link. There isn’t anything wrong with advertorials search engines just don’t want these paid links passing on authority so they state in their guidelines that advertorials must be no follow to prevent link juice passing on. To spot a advertorial is quite easy you just have to read a article and if it is overly commercial and shallow or not.

Hacked website and footer links are another way website owners get paid links. Sometimes these links are much harder to find but with hacked sites such as the SAPE network paid for links usually are part of network of sites and search engines can easily determine a network of sites and penalize them.

Link exchanges

Link exchanges if done correct by contacting websites in your niche to exchange links (il link to you if you link to me) is a good way to build authority in your niche.. however again this method is against search engine guidelines and if found.. say goodbye to your website ont he search engines. This method can easily be found as it is quite obvious if all your links come website that just so happen to link back to you as well.

High pr blog networks

High pr blog networks can takes ages and ages to create.. the best ones are constructed as naturally as possible without to many signs to set alarm bells off from the search engines. Each one of your high pr blogs must be a fully operational website with lots of content and not to much interlinking.

High pr blog networks can cost a lot of money but it is one of the safest and best ways to help with seo off page! Having your own high pr blog network gives you the control and if you keep all the blog related to your niche you will soon dominate the serps filling the results up with just your blogs and websites!

Social networks

Google has quite recently made a video telling webmasters that social signal ie tweets, like and google+ do not effect your google ranking’s and that the only reason why webmaster think that they do is that they see websites with lots of social signals at the top of the search results… but its not because they help its because they are good quality websites and get them because they are already at the top of the search engine and have great content that people want to share! But dont let this fact scare you away from spending time with social marketing! Getting established and getting your conetne shared on social networks is a great way to get internet traffic and spread the word about your website to other people! It also means that you are not solely reliant on search engines traffic because there are tons of rules that I have already outlined that can be really confusing to follow so if you ever do get penalized you wont have lost everything at least!

How to get natural links form other webmaster’s the white hat way!

White hat seo bascally means you dont do anything to upset the search engines and all of your links are genuine and created by other websites. Here are a few ways to get some white hate links from others.

Create brilliant content that people want to link to.

Link to them first… which will send out pings to them informing them of your website and that you linked to them.. Increasing your chances that they will visit your website.. and if they like your website they may link back.

Really in all honesty there arent that many ways to get whitehat links you just need a lot of web traffic and luck that one of those visitors is a webmaster and is going to write a article about exactly what you have written and will then link to you because they think your website is great and they are unselffish… But the internet isnt this ideal.. meaning link building by creating your own high pr blogs and linking to your website is the only practical way to reach the top of the search engines and be seen in the first place.

Don’t give up and remember… most seo forums are just full of morons who don’t have a clue seeing as they are wasting their time on forums rather than making money the right way.

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