The best ways on how to get real human visitors to your website

Waiting for web traffic and users to find and join your website is bad marketing! You must grab them yourself and not rely on search engines.. after all when you first create your website you will be at the bottom of the search engine list… and creating links just for search engine bots will take ages and without instant rewards of visitors not to mention running the risk of all your efforts wasted by a stupid penguin update from Google knocking your website of the charts!

Instead you should focus on getting real people to see and hopefully promote your website! By getting initial traffic from places where real people see your link then you are doing the right kind of marketing! Plus if you just focus on building links to please Google you will be constantly chasing your rankings. By getting real visitors to instead promote your website you stand a better chance after all you will be able to see what works and doesn’t.. helping you to adapt your web content making it better so people do promote your site content helping you to better see what people want! So if you ever do get to number 1 on google or another search engine you will stand better chance of staying at number one and not getting a manual review knocking you back or deindexing your website either.

GETTING TO THE TOP ON SEARCH ENGINES more specifically using seo to get there.- free web traffic, biggest supplier of free web traffic on the web.

Social networks.. got friends? Good use them to advertise your website and because of how social networks pass things that are interesting and unique will spread like wild fire!

Forums- Forum mods are annoying rats who dont want links on their forums….. but if your lucky and what your posting is helpful and GREAT then you may sneak through.

Getting web traffic and when I say web traffic I mean of the human kind and not bots.. is simply a really hard task to pull off. Why? Because your website has to stand out.. give people what they didn’t know….and should, offer something unique and different. But this begs the question how are people going to find your website in the first place especially from a search engine.. if you are talking about something unique and or unheard of how are people going to search for it and find your website then?

Search engines- According to google’s guidelines seo is against them…. promoting your own website is a nono and if you are found building backlinks your website will be sent to the back of the search engines never to be found by anyone ever again (even if you website is the most relevant and best site in the results Google doesn’t care). You must earn backlinks….

Google’s advise to create unique quality content and people will find you and link back to you (unique being different than a rehash of something already available) is partially flawed in a sense that if something is unique then nobody would have heard of it before and therefore wouldn’t be searching for it…. So no backlinks in totally unique content then…This is why you need a source of initial traffic first to help people see and maybe even talk about your website first. Or you could always create a spin on a previous topic that may spark peoples interests and get you talking about it if someone just so happens to search for something about this topic and finds your website… gaining you a few backlinks.  But the best way is to get that initial web traffic and if your content is so good then hopefully it will get links and people talking about it. A way to do this is to “promote you website on forums” however many mods on forums are complete tools and will ban and delete your account for doing this as this is considered spam no matter how great your post is. If you do get away with this you may gain initial web traffic and people seeing this unique content! This may inspire and get people talking about your great content helping to spread the word and gin you free backlinks to your website! SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE ANOTHER GREAT FREE SOURCE OF THIS INITIAL WEB TRAFFIC. In my opinion far better than forums even though forums can get you targeted traffic based on what your talking about (niche).. on social networks you wont be censored and you and your website declared as spam in-front of other people interested in your topic.

The point is it is gaining this initial web traffic that is the most important thing! You may get lucky and get a bit from search engines…. but you will need to actively promote your website where people can see it to gain initial web traffic from REAL people.

Getting or increasing your website traffic is all about promotion and how good your website actually is and not about building backlinks otherwise you will just be continually trying to please a unreliable search engine system that’s just time consuming and not worth the effort or time.

Here is a good guide on how to promote your website on forums without getting banned.

Something to remember is that advertizing is a huge business and went on long before the internet and backlinks!

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