The best running insoles that money can buy

I went running earlier this year… hoping to get back my six pack.. okay that was a lie. I was hoping to get a little bit fitter though but instead of aches and pains in the muscles I wanted I started getting aches and REAL PAINS in my feet and these pains wouldnt go away. After seeing a docotr I was told I had plantar fasciitis! and I needed to either stop running.. which I wasn’t prepared to do (because I want that six pack of course) or I should buy some proper insoles as I had high arches which was causing me to run funnily. Go on any running forum and you will be told by a great deal of people that custom insoles are all the range and that you must spend a whole load of cash on some custom insoles and only then will you be ready to go running. But what they fail to tell you is that they are talking a load of rubbish quite frankly. WHAT I FOUND OUT FOR MYSELF AFTER WASTING LOTS OF MONEY ON CUSTOM SOLES WAS……. Insoles dont have to be custom made and dont have to set you back a whole load of cash either. On the contrary insoles can be bought on a budget and work just the same as custom insoles if you are not suffering from any injuries and or have any special requirements. Insole manufacturers and podiatrists have created the belief that to help ease pain.. prevent injury and run safely you must empty your wallet holding the whole running community to ransom. When the real truth is that insoles made out of good flexible material that molds to your foot shape is all you need and custom insoles are just a worthless expense. What the insoles are made of is very important and shouldn’t be forgotten about as a poorly designed insole is practically useless if it doesn’t provide the right kind properties such as support and shock absorption is no good. The insole will provide arch support that is created by the material the insole is made from by molding to foot shape. The insoles should effectively eliminate shock before it reaches your foot by dampening impact force and spreading the energy evenly through out the foot this is important as focused energy causes damage. Pressure on the heel created by gravity pressing your body weight down on the heel should also be dealt with by spreading this pressure resulting in less strain on the heel.

By buying some running insoles you should consider all the above points I mentioned as running can amplify all the shocks, pressure and can really test the mechanics of the foot increasing the risk of injury. The right foot wear and insoles are crucial! Don’t break the bank here are some affordable insoles you can buy

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