How to promote a website on forums without getting banned

Forum mods tend to be jobsworth saddos and love the little power being a forum mod gives them so just love to ban people.. but here is a quick guide on how to promote a website on forums without getting banned.  but here is how to sneak in your link wihtout getting banned.

If you are focusing on just getting backlinks what you sould do as you wouldn’t want people especially mods  is create a forum post and then wait a couple days as the forum topic looses interest’s and disappears down the forum index then that’s when you edit the forum post you made and add in your link. You have to keep in mind that some forums eithier do not let you edit your post once you have written it or will block you frome diting your post after a period of time so keep this in mind when writing a massive write up.

However you want to promote your website and get your website link seen. So how do you go about doing this? Well what I do and works is this….

If you join a forum and straight away post a self promoting post you will quickly be banned on most forums.. however establishing a reputation and creditability on a forum takes far to much time and effort just to promote your website and is still not a guarantee that when you do decide to create a self promoting post that you still wont be banned and the thread deleted. (After all forums mods are idiots and most forums are actually just SEO content farms).
You must bare in mind that forum mods will view anything that has a link in it as spam… whatever it maybe. So what you should do is create posts that dont have a hyperlink in them…..It is so simple.

All you have to do is create a thread that discreetly promotes your website on a high traffic forum and because us humans or curious creatures we will (if your post is good enough) investigate further.

You dont have to write a unique article per forum post….. as you are not hyper linking to your website this means duplicate content and seo penalties will not effect you. and you can spend you time writing a really clever post that will indirectly promote your website! The post could be like this:

Hi guys,

I was reading up on some info on some website called berkeleybubble anyway what it was talking about was posting on forums promoting your website without getting banned by mods. The whole idea is basically about getting initial traffic to your great website content which will help you with seo…. blahaha

Make sure when you write your post you dont reveal everything on the forum post as you want forum users to have to check out your website to know what your going on about. You could even use a cliff hanger at the end so people want to know more… Tutorials are also good. By writing a incomplete tutorial will mean people will have to go to your website to find out the rest of the tutorial.

By writing your forum post once and posting it only multiple forums is really easy and fast  and not having a hyperlink in it will not get you banned unless the mods really are petty or you didnt word it right…

Automating the process

I dont really advise this method but some of you may want to do this as it has no negative effects to your seo (unless hyperlinks are created). Using gsa search engine ranker or xrummer you will be able to automatically post to hundreds of forums posting your post far quicker than manually registering and pasting your message and posting it. However you got to take into consideration that these software’s will post in mostly dead, irrelevant forums and forum sections which may come across spammy and give your website a negative reputation as being a spammer even if you dont provide links in your post. Remember targeted and relevant forums is the best place to promote your website and will not look out of place or like linkless spam.

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  1. thank you for your advice.i have been facing the same problem and because i am new to seo, lots of my id’s are banned as spammer.i would like to promote my website as it is a online shopping site of led lamps which helps saving bills and environment

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