Why I hate football

I never personally get what football is all about? I think its rather pointless and boring watching people run around kicking a ball aimlessly…. I would much rather play football myself than watch people playing it and having fun.

Here are a few reasons why I and other people hate football

Over paid and undeserving football players.

Some of the footballers are paid hundreds of thousands every week in wages and sponsorships and for what? What do they really bring to society? What they do bring is the encouragement of drug taking and cheating… great role models for the youth of today. You used to be able to look up to a football player in the good old days… good sportsmanship and honorable on and off the pitch but this cannot be said for today’s footballer players.
I cannot deny that some footballer player do still help out charities and are good role models but for the vast majority of football players this isn’t the case sadly.

Game after game

Its a bit silly when you see on tv another advert of yet another football match hyping up who will win and be the best.. even though they just had a game a few weeks ago. Not only is it a bit pointless as nothing would have changed since they last played and it doesn’t really effect me who’s the better football team or not but the football associations are making millions per match out of the pointlessness too.


If football is all about being the best.. what if talent isn’t needed? We can all train.. gain strength, speed and endurance as the saying goes practice makes perfect So if this all you need many of these footballers aren’t naturally talented just have practiced a lot.. So some people may argue that enough practice can mean anyone could theoretically get good at football and because the aim of the game fundamentally is to kick a ball into a net then creative thinking which talent is built upon doesn’t come into play. I do agree that their is decision making in football which would bring in creativity to the table but watching many games of football and the attitude and brainlessness of these players off the pitch suggests that a lot of football players rely on just luck and their fitness really.

Don’t get me wrong playing football is loads of fun but just watching other play football for me is rather boring and annoying when i know that these players are making millions for having fun!

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