Google is a rubbish search engine

I have decided not to use Google anymore, quite frankly it is pointless and doesn’t help me surf the web at all. Today I was searching for a product so I decided to “Google it” and all the results i got back were rubbish… I got just a bunch of amazon and ebay results….. 14 in total! Now if i wanted to buy this product on ebay or amazon I would have searched on amazon or eBay. Google maybe the richest and biggest monopoly on the internet but like all monopolies greed is destroying quality of service.

SEO updates in favor of the big guys

Google is apparently trying to constantly create better user experience and develop new algorithms to make the search results more relevant and better helping you to find what you are looking for straight away. However the opposite is happening thanks to the morons who work at Google.
Google is actively working to destroy all small websites knowingly or unknowingly. Maybe Google is doing this because it feels small websites and businesses do not offer value to their searchers…meaning big brands are being favored in the search engine who Google trusts and can profit from.

Google is either to stubborn to see that just filling the search results with the same big websites constantly destroys the whole point of searching the web or another reason why Google is full of the same big websites is that Google cannot detect a good website from a rubbish one so instead of trying to create innovative ways to help find new and good websites to display in the search results google opts for the cheap option of just showing big brands which “will do for now”.

I am inclined to say that Google is doing a bit of both….. actively destroying small businesses forcing them to join adsense and pay for their positions in the search results and because Google is to dumb to think of (or doesn’t considering they are making huge profit anyway) new ways to find quality websites to rank in the serps means that they are just going for the easy option.

Google makes loads of excuses why websites dont rank… blaming Spam link profiles of websites but surely it is what is on the website page that counts not what links to it… This is evidence that suggests Google’s just cant properly analysis quality of websites and webpages effectively.

Google isn’t about privacy… and their are plenty of alternative search engines to use instead.
Google doesn’t care for privacy and even thinks they are above the uk privcay laws here in the uk. So why use them? I have already explained how they are stamping on small businesses and how there search results are just useless. You have a wide range of alternative search engines that will take privacy seriously and are not so arrogant either…. I know I wont be using Google anymore.

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