Drone attacks… Good or bad?

Drone attacks… Good or bad? Drone attacks a tactical and calculated weapon to kill terrorist swiftly and break the risk of gun battle on the ground. Drone strikes are meant to be reserved for high risk terrorists where there are no other options. But why are there so many of these drone attacks happening if these drones are only meant for terrorists leaders planning attacks in America? Or are the drones now a weapon for any minor threat?

Killing and violence is morally wrong So are the drones just an example of how diplomacy has gone out the window and the only right solution is the American governments solution? Or are the American government powerless? After all the Taliban are funded and supported by Saudi Arabia. As having the Taliban control Afghanistan would help them go to war with Iran. Saudi Arabia is one of the most oil rich countries in the world that supplies, America is held to ransom as America cannot go to war with their biggest oil suppliers as it would have huge economic consequences and would drive oil prices through the roof.
Drone strikes are not 100% accurate and will cause collateral damage and kill innocent people after all just because there are terrorists in a particular country doesn’t mean everyone in the country is a terrorist they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It should be the duty of the American government and policy makers to avoid any loss of life on either side… working towards a peaceful solution that helps restore peace and unity to the Pole of the country. Drone’s only bring fear and terror to the people living their day to day lives in the country already plagued by violence. The collateral damage drone’s cause creates resentment and anger towards the Americans… by destroying peoples homes and lives is more likely to turn them to the other side against America rather than for America.

The drones will never win the war only diplomacy and creating trust in the Afghanistan people will creating a stable country will mean the Taliban will have a lot harder job controlling a much stronger country. The Taliban are evil and do not represent the people of Afghanistan at all the Taliban have been created, trained and funded by other foreign countries including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with a abundance of brainwashed recruits joining the Taliban means that the drones wont succeed in destroying the Taliban but only halt them. The drones help to prevent the Taliban from entering Afghanistan but in doing so the collateral damage creates friction and anger towards America. The American government should focus on eliminating the funding and support to the Taliban coming from the other foreign countries.

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