Google is apparently above the law so google says

Typical Google as always acting as thought just because they are the biggest internet giant around that they are above everyone else and even above the law. Google has recently claimed that because Google is a American business that they cannot be sued by Uk courts. This claim has risen from a recent civil court case here in the UK about alleged iPhone tracking which monitors and tracks users internet usage violating privacy of up to 10 million users. Google faces a lot of civil court cases from individual iphone users who’s privacy might have been invaded by Google 10 people have so far grouped together and began legal proceedings against Google….. However Google has stated that because google is a American company and is based in America Google so this means Google is not subject to UK privacy laws and can be only sued in an American court under American law only.

Google isn’t doing itself any favors by upsetting the UK public even more… Recently it came out that Google was giving the American government private information regarding searchers which also brings into question wether IF those who would like to make a claim against Google went to America to sue Google would they have a fair trial or not? Considering Google are quite friendly with the government it seems.. and it is obvious that google see’s a better outcome by being sued in America rather than the uk too.

Google avoids paying cooperation tax in the UK on the grounds that they do not seal the deal here in the UK but in Ireland where cooperation tax is much lower despite the fact that much of the setting up of the deals are done in the UK and much of the UK’s resources are used to help Google make these deals in the first place. Everybody has to pay their fair share of tax… Many people in the UK work hard all their lives just to get by and will see google exploiting the system as they can with their vast wealth and resources enabling Google to find and use these exploits in the law to try and avoid paying tax.

Google is turning into the number one enemy of the internet by squeezing and trampling on small businesses here in the uk (even for those who try to make their website rank higher on google by doing seo Google makes mocking videos and tweets by the Google spam team telling them to stop or else) by making it impossible to rank your business on Google. For example Google looks for natural backlink’s from other websites to rank your site higher in the search results. However how on earth are websites meant to get back links in the first place if your website is nowhere to be seen to begin with? Meaning that the only websites to rank on google and to be seen are big brand websites that already have a established reputation…

Google’s arrogance towards others will be its downfall.
The UK government has a duty to protect the interests of its citizens and not let a cooperation from another country ignore our rules which we as citizens must abide by. The uk government should not be bullied by Google and should stick up for its people who’s privacy has been violated. The UK public are not stupid either, if Google continue to go down the path of deeming itself above everyone else here in the UK it will soon loose popularity very quickly here in the UK.

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