Insoles what should you buy?

Who would have thought shoes and what you got or not got in your shoes can cause so much pain and misery.. well it did for me anyway. Earlier this year I got the annoying news that I had plantar fasciitis. This meant I could choose to not use my feet ever again and become a couch potato or buy some expensive insoles and being unemployed I really didn’t have the money for £100…… but after a little research I found out that naaaaaaaaaaaaaah custom insoels are for suckers and are just a scam.  So what insoles should you buy that will fit your needs and wont cost you too much money?

Gel insoles <for the busy non sports people.

If you are always walking places it can be quite tiring especially for your feet that needs to support your whole body weight and the constant impacts as you walk… wearing uncomfortable and flat shoes can leave the feet with foot cramp, pain and even plantar fasciitis if we are not careful.. even if you do not do much sport you can still get injury’s associated with sports from simply walking and overuse like plantar fasciitis. If you find that you dont want to spend a huge sum of money of a pair of insoles… want a pair that are comfortable and will stop the foot cramp and pain at the source then gel insoles are for you… They have been designed for those people who are always on the go.. lightweight and simple to put into just about all of your shoes simply and quickly. The special gel the insoles are made out of means that the insoles will actually mold to the foots shape giving support and maximum comfort.. this also means you dont have to buy a special pair of custom orthotic which can be a lot of hassle and a lot of money. The gel also acts as a shock absorber that means no harmful shock can hurt the heel and foot as you walk… But its not just the shock as you walk because of gravity our feet are always under a constant strain and pressure can build on the heel. Gel insoles though will spread this pressure evenly throughout the heel eliminating the risk of damage and/or injury this could cause. Gel insoles are among the most afforable to buy of all the insoles and only cost around £5-£15 depending on what sort you buy.

Arch support and plantar fasciitis insoles < for sports people and normal people and for those of you guys just like me..inbetween.

Arch support insoles unlike gel insoles are more commonly worn by sports people who understand the the risks of planatar fasciitis and how as we get older the arch of the foot will start to weaken and extra support is actually needed to help it under the strain of our body weight. What arch support insoles do is offer this extra support to the arch (plantar fascia) and reduces the risk of planatar fasciitis in doing so. Arch supp0ort and planatar fasciits insoles are actually prescribed more often than not by doctors to help patients recover and ease the symptoms connected to plantar fasciitis, by taking the strain of the arch when recovering from “PF” patients have a far quicker recovery. But it isn’t just those recovering from pf that can wear these inserts as sports people and in contrast overweight people due to their excess weight putting extra strain on the arch can also wear them too, as they help reduce the risk of strain and inflammation of the plantar fascia which is one of the biggest causes for PF. The rpp for these insoles ranges from £10-15

Sports and running insoles <specially made for athletes

Sports and running insoles are widely used in the sporting world these orthotic inserts help to reduce injury, improve efficiency when running and help with technique. Firstly a pair of running/sport insoles help to stabilize balance and footing position which results in better running technique and balance. Not only that these insoles have been proven to help reduce serious injury and help to dampen impacts and pressure this results in less energy being lost when you run making it easier and more efficient when you run. Sports insoles have been designed unlike arch support and gel insoles for active sporting activities made from durable and flexible materials that have been specially made to cope under excess and sudden shocks and jolts found in sports.. a pair of running insoles are lightweight for running effectively, extra supportive for the best technique and running style possible and ensures shocks are dampened effectively reducing injury risk whilst you play your sport carefree. Can be bought for around £10-£15 online.

All insoles mentioned above can be bought at nuovahealth. (BerkeleyBubble holds no partnership to nuovahealth we only suggest nuovahealth as in my opinion theyare the best ones I have tried and I have tried every brand and non brand you can think of.)



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