War is bad! why justify it?


What a dumb thing to say. War cannot be justified… and even if it could be a small paragraph would not suffice. This infamous quote from John Stuart MillsĀ  is just one of many thought up by the elite who are trying to brainwash people to fight there greedy wars. So according to this quote if you are not fighting then there isn’t anything worth living for.

This whole quote is just one big contradiction, propaganda and idiocy to say the least.. for example John Stuart Mills says how someone who has nothing to fight for and wont because of fear of dieing is a miserable creature? So we all do not have a right to live? and should fight someones war for a cause we do not know all because if we dont we are miserable creatures and will not be free?

To often people go to war as if they dont they will be labeled a coward! But it is actually the governments greed and cowardliness to send innocent people to war to fight strangers that is truly ugly. Diplomacy is not something these narcissist elite want.. power is what they are after at what ever cost.

The causes of wars are from the elite of a country’s society protecting their own personal wealth, it is quite “rich” that John Stuart mills says that those who do not fight because they are protecting their own personal safety is remarkably arrogant and hypocrisy at its finest.

Degraded feeling of patriotic feeling hey? Well we dont choose where we are born its not my fault if I live in a rubbish country where there are no jobs and the elite are destroying morals and everything good… why should I fight for that evil? just because some one is born in a country doesn’t automatically mean that they must fight and die for that country.. that would be a dictatorship.

This quote is a prime example of the elitist attitude towards others.

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