Is evolution right?

I am not a product of evolution!

I know that my thoughts are my own and creativity disproves the theory that evolution fundamentally defines who we are…

Life is like a flame and inspiration, experience and even evolution help this flame to burn brighter.

Evolution is not what defines us and makes us who we are today, but it does helps us to express and communicate better, helping us to improve our lives and broaden ourĀ  perceptions. But this doesn’t mean that evolution determines what we think, do. Our souls are instead the cause of who we are, that have always existed throughout evolution. The soul hasn’t changed with evolution but as evolution has made life easier evolution has also helped the soul to express and communicate itself better.

The theory of evolution doesn’t disprove the soul but affirms it in my opinion. Many scientists do not believe this to be the case and try to simplify life and put it down to evolution by shoving evidence in our faces like “basic lifeforms do not show what we understand as intelligence then they must be just living on instinct proving that animals dont need that something else (that being the soul)”, but could these lifeforms simply not have the means to be able to fully express themselves… We can see that some animals have varying levels of intelligence according to adaptions evolution has given them or in some cases not given them. Say for instance if a human cannot see or hear does that mean they are a lesser being to those who can? Does that mean they do not obtain a soul?

Has science got it wrong?

Scientists have for years pondered if animals have the same level of consciousness as us humans. Scientists have conducted various tests but due to the fact that animals do not speak our language and cant really say “Hey you! Mr scientist I am aware!” then like much science nobody tells the scientists if they are right or wrong, hence why science exists really. We know (or suspect) that language developed over hundreds of thousands of years from grunts in the cavemen times to complex dialect in modern times.. this development has been crucial to the development of the human race as communication has enabled us to organize ourselves and work together to create civilization as we know it today, but not only does it create civilization, communication and development it also creates differences in opinion…one could argue that language isn’t part of evolution and instinct because we all have different opinions which help shape the language we use the same as how creativity is based upon opinion as well. So we know that different people have different opinions but are these opinions just product of human adaption over time, the influences and experiences in our lives and differing opinions are based on differences in experience and environmental factors? Most importantly are conflict of interests after all according to Darwin a result of the survival of the fittest? Experiences some believe is fundamental to behavior as well as development in human kind and creates the separation between one and another. Instinct on the other hand is a theory that we react to certain things in certain ways. Instinct is what anyone would instinctively do as it is programmed into us ie not touching something that is hot because it hurts. But is instinct not something that is programmed into our dna but instead programmed into our minds from convention, culture morals and we are influenced that it is the right thing to do?

Some scientists and philosophers argue that if a person had the exact same experiences and dna as you in your life exactly would they be you? This maybe a extreme example but they say that this illustrates the principal of how important the environment, experiences and dna is to defining who we are. But this brings the question that life is but a system that is predefined.

Sciences arrogance and narrow way of thinking is really what blinds them to the bigger picture. Let me refer back to the point I made earlier about scientists not been given the answer so they must find there own using their own judgement. There really are no right or wrong answer only guesses as to what they find out is right or wrong.

We are all individual minds that are not controlled by instinct, yes we let experiences influence us and for some it can control them.

But our interpretation of our experiences like scientists have no right or wrong answers. Our minds are not bound to physics or maths, as we are not static entity’s… what we are made of is bound to physics but what controls us is are our souls which. Some may argue that it is electrical impulses that make our arm moves but who is it that creates these electrical signals in the first place even science states that there is always a cause to a action? A evolutionary pattern of human instinct that has been developed and has resulted in that interpretation of experience and the action? But if this was true how did life even begin in the first place? What started the initial spark of life? A chain reaction of atoms bumping into each other? according to that logic then stare long enough at a rock and eventually it will come to life.

Evolution does exist but not how scientist believe it does. the mind does not evolve over time as this would imply that humans did not have their own unique mind only our experiences have. New technology and education has lead us to be brighter than our ancestors but war, corruption and greed still exist today. laws just better control it. Law is a system just like agriculture over the time the development of these systems improve improving our lives! Sometimes these systems can become stagnant and its only through innovation through creative and ingenious ideas of individuals thinking of ideas that nobody else has though of creates the catalyst for improvement. Mutations do occur but mutations and is the basis of Darwin’s theory of evolution but mutations do not evolve the mind (because the mind is the soul which is unique) mutations in the animal kingdom make the lives of the animals better in some cases, changing the way in which they live.

Why society confuses the issue

Society blurs individuality, convention and social acceptance creates conventions and creates the illusion that everyone is the same fundamentally. But this is wrong human traits for example like that of loneliness and from the cavemen times safety in numbers is fixed into us because it is what is known and is far less scarey than the unknown.

Convention and culture and the atheist fear that we are only mere entity’s that have been pre calculated is untrue and it is this that is holding many back.

As hopefully this article has proved, life is not planned, instinct isn’t real and fate doesn’t exist because despite what scientists say our individual minds will always result in unique and often random actions that cannot be determined.



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