You don’t get something for nothing in business

If you are wanting to start out your own business you may have heard of a few marketing tactics to get sales, If you are on a limited budget SEO has probably caught your eye as SEO promises free marketing and free customers but let me save you a whole heap of time and money by telling you that you don’t get something for nothing. It will either come at a huge cost of time or money with no guarantee that you will actually rank for the keywords you want that will make you money.

With SEO you are putting your business in the hands of another either google, bing or another search engine. All the search engines are different in the way they rank for sites and what works for one may not work for another that being said what all search engines have in common is the goal of making money via the ads at the top of the search results. So you can see that if you are a business the search engines would rather you buy adverts than you get free traffic from them and not pay.

SEO, and chasing rankings or even adwords placement on google is a complete waste of time and money.

Google is constantly “updating” their algo on how they rank sites… not in a positive way to catch out what they call low quality sites or spammy ones but this is just a excuse as a recent penguin 2.0 update had actually penalized a main charities website the salvation army downgrading their positions with their keyword considerably and this charity does not make any profits from what it does and is hardly a “spam” website. This proves that either there are flaws in the algo updates that they are sending out or that they are on a mission to penalize all website except from a few chosen few ie ebay, amazon.. wikipedia.. that why nowadays you may have noticed that you no longer get diversity when searching only search result from mainly those websites.

For proper seo and to just increase the chances of you ranking your site on google you must invest in huge amounts of content and high pr websites that you must then write on and link to your website… but that can easily cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds and if you do not know what you are doing as there are a lot of scammer’s out there you may find that you will just waste your money on nothing.

BUT then if you are thinking of buying ppc (pay per click) advertisements on top of google or another search engine i wouldn’t bother unless you want to work for nothing.. based on a bidding system adwords requires you to bid the highest amount to get the best positions in the ads, there has been speculation that there is also a minimum amount that you must pay also to be displayed even if their are no bidders in other words google is fixing adwords prices… The average conversion rate per click is 2% and you must add in factors such as bot traffic too clicking you ads remember so if you are a small business selling reasonably prices goods at £10 and with £0.10 per click you can see that this will quickly eat into your profit quite easily just for 1 sale.

The best idea is to build your business up the old fashioned way and not rely on other businesses or monopoly’s for that matter to market your business. Good marketing offline can mean that people become aware of your brand and will directly go to your website.. but its not a easy task but still possible, you just have to make people know about your business and that you offer un-comparable service or sell the best products and their is no need to search around.

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