The best alternatives to SEO and PPC to get website traffic and customers


The right promotion will lead to sales, if your product or service is good then this will add to your brands reputation and help your promotion leading to more sales.

I have been posting some very negative things about SEO and PPC recently and its probably got you thinking that your online business is doomed but there are actually plenty of alternatives to get traffic to your website that isn’t a expensive wild goose chase as i like to put it.

Alternative’s to SEO and PPC to get traffic to your website range from the obvious to the not so obvious.

Rather than bothering trying to make the google bots happy spend your time creating a strong brand image and company that can be recognized and remembered this is far more valuable than a unheard of and un-trusted website ontop of google SERPS (whether on the organic listings or ads). So even if google did decide to deindex your website for whatever dumb reason of theirs you still will be getting customers.. how cool is that!

Here I will be telling you how…

Social media… obvious but you need to know how to do it right and not be annoying

Social media is first on the list but I want be dwelling on this technique much as i am sure you already know a lot about social media.
Social media is a good way to get customers and get people to know your brand but some people spend to much time with this technique.. Social media only becomes effective when you go “viral” and like a domino effect your message and brand gets spread and shared across the social media site or sites… messaging everyone individuals one by one or trying to mimick and make people think that something is viral wont work because people make up there own minds as to what they like and don’t like, some times based on what there friends are sharing but you don’t have hundreds of thousands of friends do you? But people who do are celebrity’s It is possible to get in contact with a celebrity there are plenty of sell out out there who will tweet or share your content with their fans for a little cash… This may all be what it takes to make something viral..

Social media is good as even if you do not make a direct sale from it you have got your brand in peoples memories and if they come across your brand again when wanting to buy something they are more likely to buy from you who they have heard about before than some other company they have not heard of especially if a celebrity they “follow” has recommended it.

Forum posting

The art of forum posting is difficult avoiding ban happy mods takes skill but usually if you don’t drop a link than something that would be considered as spam isn’t anymore.. that how stupid forum mods are.. but seeing as we aren’t bothered about seo then posting unlinked posts about your brands is okay… as long as you are not being overly promotional and coming across as a genuine person than you can easily promote your products name and if your posting on niche specific forums other people may start talking and recommending your brand.

Remember to be careful as if you are too overly promotional and intrusive with social media forum posting, and the other techniques i mentioned instead of creating a good image for your brand you may just create  bad image instead.

Okay, the less obvious traffic sources now.

Link to other people

Linking to other bloggers is one way you can get traffic. When you link to a word press blog or other blog platform usually a ping is sent to that blog alerting the blog owner that a link was created to their blog.. sometimes they may then blog or tweet back about your website which may result in traffic… it also has SEO benefit but we aren’t talking about seo are we…
If you have a big budget tv advertisements that are funny or unique can be a very good way to get direct traffic to your website… I wont go into that much detail though with this method as obviously you need a lot of money for tv advertisements. Tv ads are probably the BEST way though to promote a brand. I would actually rather spend lots of money on a tv advertisement than spend £0.10 per click on adwords…

A way I am not going to mention

Article directories like ezinearticles and other websites are no good, you will just be wasting your time writing a article for promotional purposes (to be read by lots of people), article directories are only good for seo as the only things to read these articles will be seo bots… or scrapers.



All these above techniques are used by all the big company’s.. it works for them so why cant it work for you?


One thought on “The best alternatives to SEO and PPC to get website traffic and customers

  1. Great alternatives to SEO, I have been looking out for some proper ways to start getting my business… well business really as I didn’t want to be reliant on google so i needed a alternative before another apparent “update” comes along and destroys my business…

    I like the idea of going offline to get internet traffic especially the billboard idea i may actually see now how i could go about setting that up..


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