Google adwords is a fix

In one of my previous posts I talked about how seo was just a wild goose chase and how ppc is a waste of money. Well after searching for a product today on google “the last time I am bothering to use google now” I noticed that the reasonably priced product that I was searching for came up on google with 19 adverts and the usual 10 normal results.. that right 19!

BUT, the interesting thing is that in the normal results there where no online stores at all instead Wikipedia (Wikipedia is a useless source of information and should be avoided) was number 1 and hole bunch of other authority info websites.

Google knows full well when some one searches for this product they are more than likely looking to buy hence the 19 ads, yet they offer no commercial sites in the normal search results…

So the only way it looks as though you could possibly sell something for that keyword would be to buy ads but you will have to bid away all your profits on adwords if you are going to even get noticed in the 19 different ads!

Adwords is a complete waste of money as it is actually starting to resemble it own kind of “seo” system where instead of back links you need to pay google to rank in the ads.

Don’t waste your money and be conned… there are so many other ways to get your website noticed and seen on the internet.

Google has actually said that this conspiracy of the google penguin and panda updates are to help generate more adwords revenue from people moving away from seo to adwords instead as untrue and something on the lines of “profits since the penguin and panda updates have actually decreased”.. google would say this… and what businesses profits have not gone down during the recession.

One thing that you should remember is that people used to sell and make money on the internet before google came along, just go back to those tactics.


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