Ebay banning images with text, artwork or borders

The greedy executives at ebay have been updating their image requirements for sellers (or rather been trying to find more ways to squeeze the sellers on ebay and make more money) ebay dicating to sellers how they should sell and run their business have said that you are no longer able to post product images with text or borders including also flags showing what country the seller is from. The requirements for images are already hitting ebay.com for both one time sellers and shops making the website bland and impossible to distinguish on the results page between a local sellers and other.
In the uk the image requirements are slowly being introduced first to just normal sellers and then to shops. The idea is completely stupid as it means customers will not know who is selling from their own country and who is not, giving a advantage to Chinese sellers who can source products at wholesale price but will tend to deliver products weeks after you have ordered them and sending a product back to china for a refund is almost impossible.

So customers will only be able to see at first who has the best price and the Chinese sellers will always win on this front, (In china postage is cheap and that where many products are made… however in the uk postage is extremely expensive it actually costs less for someone to send something from china than it does for a uk seller to send something somewhere in their own country, it true this just proves how stupid the system is and how the uk government does not care for commerce in the uk).

So with every now competing for price on ebay this will drive profits down, and the only ones to win are ebay…. who want this as they want ebay to be cheapest place to shop, lets hope ebays plan backfires and people boycott ebay because their are only Chinese sellers left and buyers don’t get there items for weeks after they have bought them or never and ebay has to revert the changes.

But all this prooves that ebay or reliance on another company is not a long lasting business plan as the rules can change any minute and can crush your profits.

Has these latest changes or another ebay “update” effected you and your business? If so then comment below and tell everyone.

One thought on “Ebay banning images with text, artwork or borders

  1. The stupid thing is is that its not free to list on ebay.. its costs money its like a advert company saying no you cannot advertise like that when you pay them loads of money…

    And i agree that ebay will start looking boring and bland the images add to information and only help the customers! the freaks at ebay don’t realize this though do they…

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