Is communism and capitalism evil?

The concept and idea that everyone is equal and nobody suffers and everyone has a equal chance is not evil<< both a communist and a capitalist will argue for these ideals. Perfect communism is not evil but is impossible and will always mean a country under communism will be ruled by the elite government where the wealth and power is concentrated on those in government where everyone else slaves for them.

Capitalism can lead to same kind of thing but rather than the government being in control huge cooperation’s are. But Monopoly capitalism is a lot worse than communism by far with communism yes you are a slave to the government but at-least everyone will have a job and part to play, but with capitalist monopoly’s rather than the government wanting to seem under control of the economy making sure everyone has a job and the economy runs smoothly capitalist company’s don’t care, The recession we are under today has been caused by capitalist greed. not from the majority but from the minority’s at the top.

This is proof how careless and how selfish capitalism is, the whole point to capitalism is not equality its whole based on inequality and being the richest.

There is a strong link between capitalism and communism which is peoples greed.. a natural human trait that is maybe down to Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest which begs the question are humans just immoral and as long as they survive who cares about the rest?

It not that Communism, or capitalism that is evil it is the evil of society that is and how power can corrupt those who are in charge.

Can you think of a alternative to communism or capitalism? or do you totally disagree with me on this post? Then comment below and say so!

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