How to brand and get your business noticed the right way


Advise to help small start up businesses thrive!

Branding is a very big part of building a online business being recognized as a trustworthy brand with a good reputation will mean people will know that they can trust your company and the products you sell are good or services you offer (For instance people are more likely to buy something off a website that they know of or have seen on tv or there friends have told them about rather than a random website they have just found).

Creating a good brand can be difficult especially if you have a limited budget. But having good branding for your company can in the long run be far more beneficial than most would think. Many online marketers will use SEO, Search engine optimization where they aim to get on top of the search engines to bring in traffic to their site and hopefully convert a percentage of this web traffic into sales, this is all well and good however it is not a stable business plan that a business should solely rely on.. not only is seo very time consuming (writing endless articles and building links) but because of major updates that frequently change the algorithm of how the search engines rank sites means the goal posts are constantly changing and nobody can actually predict apart from the search engines themselves how to rank a site. It could take you months to build links and write articles to you website (I am not going to say the cliche of quality articles/content as apart from duplicate content search engine bot cannot judge where a article is useful or not as they do not know context  (however bare in mind that quality articles and content may on rare occasions bring in natural links from other websites)). So it can take you all this time to rank your website but a matter of moments for your site to disappear into the index abyss thanks to a algo update!

So that is why you should not be reliant on another website for internet traffic.

So how can you create a brand with a budget then?

Well, there are a number of ways you can do this with promotion and creating good publicity for your brand.

Promotion can take many forms and is crucial, you can always just invest in a couple tv ads… but sometimes that can not be enough… It can be a waste of money if the advert is not interesting enough, or just too annoying. You have to get the balance just right because in contrast to your tv adverts being not enough some tv adverts as you all may know can be too much… or try to send out a message that try’s to be overly philosophical rather than a tv advert or try to relate to the viewer  to get across there message, sometimes even adverts can  be to idealistic (conveying what they think would be good for you and what your life should be like) this is a bad idea, as it is kind of like you are over stepping the mark… and people do not like to told what to think.

Some big brands don’t even need tv adverts for you to know about them, just word of mouth can be enough to spread the brand message. But remember just as word of mouth can help promote your business it can also help destroy it if people do not like your brand. That also means you have to be careful on social media as your competition may even try to discredit your business.

If you cannot afford tv adverts for your company then the next best thing is posters and billboards…. be creative though and get people thinking…. posters and billboard will often become part of the scenery where the billboard is and in effect people will even if they do not necessary read the billboard will start to recognize your logo.

Once you get customers of the best thing you can do for your brand is to over deliver….. UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER! This will help your brand as people will start talking about your brand and business to their friends.

These are just a few ideas to help your brand and business, Good luck!


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