Why it is important to be tall especially if you’re a politician

It is important to be taken seriously, especially if you are a politician. The whole point of leadership is to influence people and height will help you do this. If not the politician regardless or there power and country they are in charge of, may very well be looked down upon if they are small.

Is your President, or leader small? It may not be just their policies that create a great leader but there height too. You maybe thinking that this is a silly concept and that their have been lots of small leaders.. but psychological studies have shown that people perception of smaller people is lesser than taller people.. so if your leader is small it creates a negative perception of your whole country as a whole.

A classic example of why being tall is important in politics is when George bush refereed to the president of Nicaragua, Mr Ortega as “That little man,” George bush said this in response and anger to  when Ortega wanted to break a peace treaty that the American government spent along time developing investing a huge amount of funds. The fact though is that Ortega isn’t small at all he is actually 5ft 10 beating the average height of many Americans, but it goes to show that even presidents judge other’s upon there height.

Psychological studies in the 1960’s can prove my point that height is important, where a leading psychologist at the time, Paul Wilson did a few experiments involving 2 rooms of different students at a university where by they where each room were introduced to an individual but in one room this individual was introduced as a student and in the other room the same person was introduced to a different set of students as a professor… afterwards the students where asked after meeting the individual to estimate his height.. it was seen that those in the classroom who where introduced to the professor estimated the individuals height as taller (2 inches taller on average) to those in the classroom where they thought he was a student.

This shows that social status can influence peoples perception on how tall they think you are, the students would also be more influenced by the taller professor than the smaller student. This shows there is a link between influence and height… So what if your leader like Napoleon is well known for being small and other countries mock their height just like how George Bush mocked Ortega this in effect destroys the authority of your countries leadership (decisions the countries make) and the actual country itself.. will other countries take your country seriously?

It isn’t just in the political world that being tall is important but as you may have guessed is that leadership is a crucial role in business i am sure that you will see a boss who is tall will have a lot more authority than one that is smaller than you am I right?

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