John Edwards Secures Major Union Endorsements: United Steelworkers and United Mine Workers

FYI-the Bubble is back up and running after a brief hieatus…let’s jump back into the 2008 primaries:

Edwards today will announce that his campaign will receive the endorsements of the largest unions to date, and yet the New York Times and Washington Post refuse to put this story on the front page of their sites. This is a huge victory for Edwards, and yet the media seems to be more concerned about Fred Thompson’s upcoming announcement of his candidacy, and Hillary Clinton’s latest strategic shift.

Apparently, the New York Times is more concerned about Hillary Clinton’s new stump speech, which now emphasizes promoting change “by working in the system established by the Constitution” and her four new goals:


Huh? Can you possibly be more vague? While each of these sounds very promising, IMHO, only the first one resonates with the base of activist Democratic primary voters. The other three sound like throwaway catch-phrases from Terry McAullife, Harold Ford and the DLC centrists who are staking their political futures on Hillary.

By winning the endorsements of the Steelworkers and UMW, John Edwards today has truly earned something substantive that he can go to primary voters with–proof that his candidacy stands for something that American labor supports and can get behind. And these endorsements could help make the difference in Iowa and New Hampshire.

As for the Obama campaign, they’re going to need to lock down some labor endorsements fast. Because otherwise, the Obama campaign’s outsider reform message may get crowded out between Hillary’s DLC centrism, and Edwards’ strong backing from labor. At this point, though, Obama’s support is the closest in approximating Howard Dean’s in 2004, in terms of broad-based, net-roots support.

It’ll be interesting to see how this impacts the race, and whether this and other labor endorsements can help catapult Edwards into 2nd in national polls. But judging from media coverage of this development, that’s doubtful.

Update – 9:31 AM: CNN now has the Edwards story up on their front page. Is CNN leaning toward Edwards? Or are they just the most “fair and balanced’?

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