Is the western involvement in the wars in the middle east just for economic reasons?

The western involvement in the middle east has been going on for a long time and still more conflicts are being found and created! The truth is the whole point of these wars isn’t to create stability and bring peace a mere power struggle to control the middle east and its oil. The fighting in the middle east is nothing more than a economic tactic!  Politicians will use discourse highlighting the suffering of the middle eastern people to tug at the heart string of its citizens and to encourage backing and support from its people that intervention is the morally right thing to do.  Images of powerful dictators with the power to destroy are created by the politicians and the media…”weapons of mass destruction” to the new “chemical weapons in Syria” create paranoia fueling the fire that war is the only solution.

But what the politicians are telling you and what the media is trying to fill your minds with is propaganda and lies. There are plenty of other countries that are suffering much worse fates than in the middle east at the moment.. from genocides and ruthless dictatorships in third world countries but these countries and people do not matter to the west because going to war with the dictators there will not have any economic rewards…. so these countries are ignored. Somalia has a huge problem with al queda and terroism many thousands in this country are suffering and die each day but little is said on the media about Somalia and even though Somalia is one of the number 1 training grounds for Al queda the west cant be bothered and doesn’t want to get involved with Somalia. Is this because somalia is not economically benificailly to the west or is there another even more sinister answer that Al queda or in Pakistan the Taliban are not the real targets in the middle east but the countries that are getting in the way of oil plans and the Wests greed for oil like Iran and Syria?


Plutocracy destroying democracy. Who does the government really represent?

Plutocracy is threatening democracy but what causes plutocracy and is plutocracy the only threat to democracy?

It is a question that many of us want to know.. Who does the government really represent the poor or the rich? In the United kingdom the large majority of MP’s are from well off backgrounds, brought up in the rich affluent areas (London, Cambridge, Oxford) socializing only with the elite of society living a life of luxury a far cry away to that of others in the same country living in relative poverty. Call me jealous if you want but it isn’t down to hard work or determination that they gained these privileged lives many where simply born into them. Many from the same aristocrat family’s that once ruled over London in Charles Dickens day.

So why did these politicians become politicians in the first place? To help the poor? to represent the people that they have had no integration with before? or to secure their wealth and position in society? Being a member of parliament gives you great control and power, from decision making to the passing of laws.

With the great influence these politicians have on the running of the country who do they really serve? Their buddies or the majority’s that threaten their wealth and security?

It costs a lot to run a campaign in the elections, the government cannot simply use the public’s money but they need to get it from somewhere… donations from others is the main way they do this. This begs the question as to why and who would give the political party’s its cash… donations aren’t bribes but they carry great influence and could actually tie down the political party to who ever is giving them their donations.

A big company could choose to give donations to political party’s that favor their company or even their monopoly (such as laws, which will positively effect their business) this will then give more exposure and give that political party a better campaign than others increasing their chances of winning the election.

Something you also must ask yourself is would a political party really take action towards a cooperation or company who where doing something untoward if that company was the political party’s main source of donations?

Democracy is about fairness and equality giving everyone a equal opportunity to succeed, but plutocracy caused by the concentration of wealth around the top 1% has changed this and has resulted in the stagnation of social mobility too.

Plutocracy allows for big company’s and monopoly’s  to have great political influences that can impact others and destroy democracy all together. Plutocracy has the power to silence any other rising political party’s that are not corrupt…. with connections in the media the big monopoly’s can easily create negative or just non existent publicity for other political party’s.
So even voting for others is not a option anymore either because who do you vote for? There are three major political party’s in the UK (Conservatives, Labour, and Lib dems).. the choice of only three party’s, three views is hardly a democratic.. and that is if you are even saying that the three party’s have different views to begin with.

Plutocracy has been around for along time and until a non greedy politician comes along who really does represent the people then politicians will be just employees of the vast trans national cooperation that really control the country.


Get healthy America!

Other countries mock Americans for being obese and when you look at the figures it is quite easy to see why. American should stop being so lazy and start being more active and at least do some form of exercise. Maybe it is the affluent lifestyle of Americans or maybe we just do not encourage healthy living as much as we should at a young age. More and more Americans are suffering from obesity because of modern day life. America is the biggest economy in the world and with this comes affluence and a cushy lifestyle that has meant we have had a unlimited supply of food. What causes this?Affluence and laziness is what is to be blamed for this but also the modern lifestyle means that many are working office jobs.. Americas economy is ran by people sat in front of computers. The vast majority of Americans have office jobs meaning that they must sit in front of a screen each day hardly moving… as they are so busy as well and the fact that fast food restaurants are at every corner means that Americans will not bother with eating healthy foods either… its far more convenient to eat unhealthy after all healthy food takes too long to prepare right? Wrong eating and even exercise each day can be done a lot faster and easier than most Americans believe and changing the attitude towards healthy living and just how easy it is will help solve the obesity pandemic here in America. Obesity can cause a lot of health problems and causes a great strain on our health services.. it has been a topic that politicians have debated for years yet still America is still fat…. Running, sports exercise should be encouraged at a young age which will help promote a healthy lifestyle and a active one in later life but isn’t.. politicians should really focus more on changing the way peoples attitude is toward healthy living before (if not already) it becomes a devastating problem to America. Currently I don’t want be like a American pig so I decided to start running but being the enrd that I am I just had to join a running forum..(joined this runners world forum) makes me think with forums to do with fitness if the people there actually do any exercise or they just advise and criticize on forums all day.

Seo in sheffield quite unfair!

You have loads of obstacles in seo which can really get in your way and stop you from making any money on the internet like duplicate content issue which you can read about here… simply if some one scrape your website content and the search engines think that the scraper site are the original publishers and you copied your content of them you may face a penalty even if you have not done anything wrong. I have a small seo business that mainly helps out small businesses in Sheffield get ranked on Google for targeted keywords.. usually these guys from Sheffield are mostly wanting to get customers who are from Sheffield and not some far out place, that being the case we usually have to do seo for these guys by targeting Sheffield keywords and even though you wouldn’t think targeting keywords for a city like Sheffield would be difficult as surely there would not be that much competition but you would be wrong.. You are not really up against a small local businesses but your are up against huge authority websites in the search engines like yelp, ebay and amazon… This is quite unfair and makes our job a lot harder… These big websites do not come from Sheffield or have any links to Sheffield they may simply be ranking in the top spots purely because they may mention the keyword Sheffield on the page… the keyword may just appear once but google will see this and above all other small and relevant businesses will rank these garbage results above all other websites. Seo has turned into a game of not trying to get a site to rank at number 1 but just visible in the search results now.. google and other search engines have made it increasingly difficult for any small time local website to rank… Small businesses are instead looking to sites like yelp or doing their selling on sites like amazon and ebay because these guys are dominant in the search results and wont no matter what you do you cannot overtake them no matter how great your website it! Ironically if google and the other search engines continue down this path of only ranking huge websites that folks have already know then it wont be long until people start scrapping google and search engines all together… Who ever thought of this idea to rank huge websites in replace of small local businesses has got to be a real moron. Small businesses dont know seo and dont have the resources or money to invest in seo either making it super hard for a small business to compete online… try searching for something like Sheffield plumber or Sheffield *insert whatever* and you will see exactly what I am talking about…. the results are hardly helpful at all the results are rather humorous really but then again it is no joke that google and other search engines are destroying small businesses and wiping them from off the map entirely…. Google and the others dont want small businesses to rank its in their best interest if they dont as it means that these small businesses MUST buy ads instead…! (Other friends I have in Sheffield have also stressed how seo and how seo is changing and not for the better.

How to get more confidence! dont give up!

Confidence is really important it stop you from giving up and being a failure.
We all need some confidence to help stop us from being failures. Confidence will help drive our lives and give us the attitude and go to not give up and strive to be the best! We should all have confidence in ourselves because we all have the potential to be the best at something we just have to find out what we are good at and what are our talents and work on them.. Some people are good at sports and some aren’t.. some people are good at art and some people cannot draw at all… Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t the best sportsmen… not everyone is good at sports so dont let this destroy your confidence it just means that you are really good at something else you just need to find out what!Or you could look at it in another way.. everyone is born equal so everyone has the same abilities to do whatever it is they want to do the only difference is though that some people have more confidence at doing certain things than other people meaning they are better than others… So if you are going to look at it like that you can achieve just about anything as long as you have the confidence to make you do it.

Other people will try and put you down or stop you because we live in a capitalist society and people are just evil like that but dont let this put you down.. PEOPLE WANT THAT! INSTEAD MAKE THIS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND YOU AND ASPIRE TO BE BETTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE..because you already are.. whereas people boost their own confidence by knocking people back you strive to be the best by being the best at what your good at.. a far better talent then them just putting people down all the time. Don’t care what other people think either… this is the number one reasons s to why man people lack confidence. You are you and unique (atheists will try and tell you otherwise) but believe in your self and life and you will go very far…leaving the dull saddos behind to fight amongst themselves with their petty arguments which in the bigger picture dont really mean a thing. The world is a big place and their for YOU to explore! Meeting new people.. doing things that you want to do and are good at will all help boost your confidence and make you enjoy life… The key to getting more confidence is not to worry about not having confidence and to just enjoy life to the full. Finding out what you are good at is all apart of life and can be fun… play sports.. if your not good at one sport you maybe good at a different sport. Some people are painters some are photographers or singers!
Sometimes listening to music or finding inspiration some how can help boost your confidence aswell.. helping to make the world seem a better and more fulfilling place with opportunities that are in your reach! It may not always be music that may inspire you but can be sometimes from the most unexpected of places but something to remember is that inspiration isn’t something can summoned on demand otherwise it wouldn’t be very inspiring now would it? I hope this article has inspired you and remember you have the potential to do what ever you want just have confidence!


Seo (search engine optimization) something that millions of online business rely on to get search traffic is now dead.. well it is on google that is. It is not that google has gotten better at reducing spam on their search results (spammers now create churn and burn website to rank quickly with thousands of spam links and then quickly replace with another once google penalizes the site).. and that’s why seo is now I think dead. It the way google goes about trying to reduce spam on the search engine that has caused seo to be a wild goose chase only big huge brands can do. Here are a few reasons why I think seo is now dead and why.

Random spam links pointing to your website. If you do seo you may have heard of negative seo, where a competitor creates hundreds of spam links to your website to get it penalized in google. But have you heard of this…. Random spam links pointing to your website through software to make spammers articles look more natural? Confused? Let me explain. Spammers are now using random urls scraped from the search engines to place randomly in their articles… why? To try and fool the search engines. This means that just being on the search engines for a keyword whether you are ranking number 1 or number 101 (when you probably do not have that many good back links) could mean that you website starts being linked to on these ultra spammy articles on spam websites. Over time these links will soon pile up and dominate your link profile… meaning a penalty is just around the corner just for ranking in the search engines.

Negative seo.. Negative seo is more effective than ever before. As google penalizes more and more website for “unnatural links” all your competitors need to do if you dont have millions of good quality links is spam spam spam your website everywhere they can.

Big brands… Even if you are lucky enough to survive you will never get to number 1 because amazon.. ebay, Wikipedia, yelp or (insert super brand here) will dominate the top places no matter how well you do seo.

Don’t think about giving up and trying ppc either you will be just up against huge super brand there too… bidding away all of your profits.

You cannot win! But at least google is destroying itself as a search engine by just showing huge brands that everyone has already heard of before… meaning google is pointless if you already know what is going to show up.

Privatisation of the Royal Mail

The privatisation of the Royal Mail, is just another greedy exploit from the conservatives and plutocrats. The Privatisation of the Royal Mail does little to benefit the vast majority of citizens here in the UK.. much the opposite in fact, as I will explain now. The whole point of privatizing the royal mail isn’t to help the general public reap the rewards of the huge sale of this very English company but to help boost the bank accounts of the rich friends of the conservatives. We are already hearing how the royal mail shares have been sold of very cheaply (to whom? the average working person? I think not!) And how huge foreign company’s have been quick to grab their bargain shares in huge chunks. It has been English taxes that has helped build the Royal mail yet foreign company’s are now reaping the rewards and profits from the royal mail that has been built up through years and years of hard work and dedication from English people. Now all that hard work will simply not go to the English but rich foreigners in other countries. The government should not have put the royal mail on the stock market there really was no need.. the royal mail was doing well and one of the few nationally owned company’s that was making money for our country! But the greedy plutocrats wanted their money now and so the government agreed… without a care about our country. The conservative really do not care about the UK at all…. they are only in politics to make money and to help out their rich friends! What will the conservative privatize next? Our health services maybe? The poor paying the rich for the right to live… yep that sounds like something the conservatives (tories) would want.

As always we had no vote on the the privatisation of the Royal Mail… because as always the politics do not respect the peoples views and ALWAYS know best… well they will do what suits them at least.

Does using seo software work?

Seo is mind numbingly boring and tedious… writing superficial articles one after the other like a robot, creating links on many different websites (Only for the website owners of those website to delete you work and link). But seo bots will not help with your automation and can lead to your site being hit hard by the google penguin or panda updates because google does not like automation despite the fact that google is one of the biggest automated systems in the world and also ironically relies on automation to detect automation. Google’s view is that automated content is simply bad content… and the truth is much of it is. We have many seo programs now that will help you automate link building and even software which will write articles for you… but the links these programs build and the articles they write are useless and bad for seo. Firstly let me point out that link building tools only have a limited number of sites to submit to (even if they scrape lists form search engines) this means that you will be posting your websites on loads of websites that have been spammed by loads of other people… meaning the links you build wont be coming from high valued websites but from just rubbish spam website which the search engines dont value at all and know are spam and the websites that they link to are spam (you are making the search engines lives a lot easier) and it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of these links pointing to your website remember these websites have zero value… 0+0=0 (or its only a matter of time till the search engine pick up websites that are being spammed and give them zero value).

Articles created by automation is no better. Yes search engine bots cannot read context and it is questionable if search engine bots can actually follow grammatical rules since language changes, adapts and is written differently according to many different factors. But search engines can detect duplicate content. And these programs work with duplicate content to create your articles. Seo content tools work b scraping article directories and other sources for text… this text is then mixed up, words replaced and swapped around with other scraped text from other articles. This sounds like it should work but you must remember that these articles are being scraped mixed up and swapped around by many many different seo’s using the same tool as you and chances are that your “unique” article you got from your program has been made and used before… if not in its entirety then its parts.

Seo is all about uniqueness and the vast majority of seo tools on the market today do not create unique content or links that have not already been used by spammers that have already been penalized by spammers.

Health niche spam is bad for your health

Spam can be dangerous especially in the health niche.
Google has recently updated its search algo… favoring big authority websites over small time ones. This has got me thinking.. yes it will help weed out much of the small spam websites but that wont stop spam on the search engines not when you can join big authority websites and use them as way of promoting snake oil.
What I think google should realize is that not all big brands or authority website give reliable info.. Take youtube for example anyone can make a video in the health niche.. the video acting as snake oil basically just being one big advert advertising a solution to a health problem…for a price and now take a small time health professional who specializes in the medical condition searchers want to find out about. The health professional will offer real advise and exactly what the searchers need but wont be found under the piles of spam created on youtube and or other “authority” websites…. Health professionals are not seo’s either. To prove my point just search for how to grow taller!” You will find hundreds of spammy youtube videos.. blogspot blogs and no real medical websites at all…. I wouldn’t even say wikihow is reliable when it comes to health info as anyone can edit a article and it is very simplistic. Many of the results are just affiliates out to try and sell you a pointless ebook…. or human growth hormone websites trying to sell you potentially dangerous pills! If i was trying to find ways to grow taller I sure wouldn’t find anything useful from google. Many of these blogs and websites that clutter this health niche are churn and burn websites that are effortlessly created and spammed to the top of the results for a short time before they are penalized by google and removed… but in that short time these websites have got the website traffic they needed and are easily replaced by another spam website to take its place when google removes one. The spammers are only after one thing and that is to get profit they really couldn’t careless about giving people genuine health advise.

Google update Penguin 2.1 announced

Has there been a recent google update? Have you seen your website drop recently from the search results? Well… there has been a link based update to google algo.. IT HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!

It has been officially been announced that google’s penguin 2.1 is rolling out. Already the serps are fluctuating and going wild… With some sites disappearing entirely and being replaced by yet more amazon.. ebay and youtube results. From forum discussion and talk the hardest hit website are those who are small niche website and not big brands. It maybe just me but now when I search for something I am getting very unrelated pages from big brand website all because they mention the keyword used on the page. This update has not made the serps better but more irrelevant and defeats the objective of searching if all the results are just website you already know about. Many seo’s and webmasters are saying how their good quality websites have been totally ruined by this update.. but remember this update isn’t about website quality but link quality… Something that you are not always in control of (negative seo).

If you are confused about what penguin looks at to determine where your website should be here are a few pointers:

Link anchor diversity (this is very important a natural link profile should have a mixture of diverse anchors that are not all just the keyword that you are targeting)

Links from un penalized website either from penguin or panda

Where your links are coming from… if obvious link wheel or network

Relevant links… in context and designed for users and not search engine bots

Many seo’s will be speculating what has changed and why websites are being penalized by this update. Websites that I have noticed that have survived the update are

(With all of these google updates going on should webmasters look for better and more reliable ways to get real web traffic? I think so…)

How is your website after this recent update? Improved? lost out? the same?